Insight Isn’t Worth Much For Self-Care… Or Is It?

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Much of self-care is about taking accountability for our choices.  Choices come in deliberately – “Oh my!  I’m old already!  It’s time to have a baby!”  Or not deliberately – “Oh my!   He’s hot!  Whoops!  I’m having a baby!”  Both choices brought a baby.  Both choices accountable by Me.

In interpersonal exchanges this is ever in debate.  From parenting to being parented, from spouses to friendship and all up and down the Mississippi river – the martyrs stake rarely collects dust.

That baby keeps her awake and she can never sleep with her husband any more or else no one gets any sleep.

That’s a lot of responsibility to put on those tiny infant shoulders.  Don’t you think?

Mom just runs my life!  I have things to do but every weekend she expects me to be by her side!

Mom may run your life but you are choosing for her to do it if that is true.

The scenes could continue on our imaginary screen, but our own are enough to keep us busy.  We don’t need others from others to get the point.  But insight only takes us so far.  Sometimes I get all grumpy and say, “Insight isn’t worth much.”  Because, we all know that we don’t choose many of our emotions.  We are learning here at also that we don’t choose many of our behaviors.  Insight sits in us like a stone fruit.  Eat it up or don’t, eventually all we have left is a stone if we don’t have the biology to work with it.

Self-Care Tips in a stone fruit:  To take care of ourselves, to take accountability for our choices, to use our insight for more than a midmorning snack fruit – we must have the working body to turn insight into production.  One stone fruit can germinate and grow.

Question:  What relationship does insight have in your self-care?  What limitations does it have in your self-care?  please tell us your story.

10 thoughts on “Insight Isn’t Worth Much For Self-Care… Or Is It?

  1. Although we might not choose our emotions, I have learned that I do choose what I do about them. I choose how I behave. I decide if I am going to take my medication, take care of myself, or even how I will take care of others. I think that one of the most healing things I have ever done for myself was to accept my own ability to choose. To quit feeling like i was always a victim and to take responsibility for my choices, the good as well as the mistakes.

  2. Insight gives us presight. Presight is the by-product of insight. Having played it out a time or two in the past, presight allows us to present particular actions that give us particular powers in determining outcomes. This ability gives us a responsibility because our designs can bring about positive or negative results for ourselves and others. It puts us in that ever elusive position of control to a very large degree.

  3. I try to make my choices by relying on insight instead of emotions. This can be difficult when it comes to family members, esp. those who have negative views of the world in general. However, even if emotions are involved, I try extra hard not to react to situation. It has made for much more peacful relationships within a large family unit.

  4. ACIM teaches us that we do choose our thoughts and that we can control them. So when we think negative thoughts and choose to live with them we become negative people. Like wise with positive thoughts. We also choose our emotions from our chosen thoughts.
    We are not the helpless victims we would like to believe. We are not products of feelings. We are products of our thoughts.
    And when we remember who we are, children of God and that we are spirit we can love ourselves and others unconditionally.

  5. My emotions seem to controll me i dont seem to contoll them as i get ollder and hofully wiser i will cope better given a difrnent situwation i leanrt today that i could controll my emotions it just takes quite a bit practice

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