An Introduction to Self-Care | Journal of Participatory Medicine


I thank the talented editor and friend, Sarah McGaugh of birdinyourhandfor her untiring interest and excellence in helping me develop this journal entry.

An Introduction to Self-Care | Journal of Participatory Medicine.

Please join us in celebrating publication in this wonderful Journal.

“Participatory Medicine is a movement in which networked patients shift from being mere passengers to responsible drivers of their health, and in which providers encourage and value them as full partners.”

Kathleen O’Malley, Managing Editor, turns out to be wonderful as well.

Keep on.

11 thoughts on “An Introduction to Self-Care | Journal of Participatory Medicine

  1. Unfortunately this is discouraged by non psychiatric doctors. “Oh, Carl, so you went to med school since your last visit?” But I am not absorbing yearly radiation from that tube thing they put you in for in my case heart eval. Unless symptoms change maybe every 3 or 4 years. And I take enough pills and ain’t adding more bottles on the shelf.

    • Unfortunate indeed. I’m really sad u have been/ r treated that way. I hate it. They don’t know n it is not about u, the ignorance displayed. U r owning what is though and that is inspiring. Keep talking

  2. I love this idea, Sana. Great first entry! This isn’t replacing Friendtoyourself, though…is it??? Looking forward to following your new journal.

  3. Nice work.Dr, I should have been helped with my situation several years ago, especially while I was still a little girl. Now I am still living with several years of unexplaimed left over problems which I can not solve and remedy and the problem I been having because I am an unwanted child and abandoned by a family and parent I did not pick and choose from the very beginning and it was not my fault and I did not have no power and I didn’t have no control; the people controlled me and they controlled my life and they dictated to me with how to live and what I can do and what I can do and they invaded my bedroom when it came me and a male and that was not none of their damm business. I am a human being and the wonen who is supposed to be my mother told me I will never make the kind of money that her husband Nelson make and he is the man who denied to,.IT WAS WRONG; I WAS BORN AN INNOCENT BABY TOO, THAT WAS NOT FAIR TO ME AT ALL, AND THEM PEOPLE USED ALBINISM AS A PERSON WEAPON AGAINST FROM THE VERY START AND IT WAS VERY FOR THEM PEOPLE TO HAVE A REAL PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST AND THEY NOT WOMEN ENOUTH TO TELL ME WHY AND WHAT I DID. AND THE MAN IS NOT MAN ENOUGHT TO TELL ME WHY AND WHAT I DONE. WHY NOT.

    • fighting this w u char. this is a mockery to your value. u r right. too many don’t fight against these lies. what has happened to u is not about u even though u have been victimized. u r right. it is all about the abusers. what u r doing w it, that is about u, that is what makes the difference between u and them, that is just darn awesome. talk a lot about it. about your journey. we want to share. keep on.

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