Connecting to Celebrate

Really Big Pumpkin

Really Big Pumpkin (Photo credit: alansheaven)

Hello friends.

I’m just back from two weeks of travel through four states involving lots of family, too much food and the large Iowa State Fair experience.

I spilled yellow mustard on my new clothes.  Mustard stains.

In both Iowa and Missouri, I had the honor and pleasure of conducting two workshops on being a friend to yourself.  They were well received and seemed to be considered a message most in attendance hadn’t previously considered.  I was and am really grateful to be a part of this.

I said some inappropriate things as I look back.

In Iowa approximately 45 of us processed being a friend to yourself specifically as related to “Sleep.”

In Missouri about 30 of us kept it more general, covering the foundational concepts of using the tools: Simplicity, Starting and ending with Me, Using our freedom to choose more deliberately, and Working for Me as responsibly as working to earn money at our day job.

In Iowa, the workshop was recorded, but I regret that in Missouri I forgot.  My Toastmaster friends are more awake now I am sure.  I have yet to get a hold of the video to view and critique but am hoping it will surface soon.

I am eager to see my dog now, who has been boarded at the fine Dogtopia of Temecula.  This is the first time we’ve ever boarded an animal.  The threat of repeating history of his escape from our property when we are gone has influenced our choice.  I can’t wait to see how he is.

This is a little of what I’ve been doing lately including imperfect behaviors.  Connecting with you is a way of celebrating.  Thank you.

How bout you?  Please tell us your story.

Keep on.

10 thoughts on “Connecting to Celebrate

  1. Welcome back Dr; in victory over the half marathon no less. Dr you inspire me. Hope you know the magnitude of the instrumental part you play in my life. Thanks for making my life enjoyable again.
    God bless u and ur loved ones


  2. Oh no, mustard on your new clothes! How ya gonna get it out? On the bright side, you were able to mix a work ‘n play tour. Bet you got a “jump for joy” welcome from your doggie. Just like you, he’s glad you’re home.
    Blessings – Maxi


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