Let Things Come Together And Fall Apart To Experience Them More Fully – Presence

He still has some lingering vestigial baby-smell that sets the pheromones into motion.  I turn soft and doughy sniffing his hairline and would claw out any threat; as if there would be one within our stuccoed walls in jungled suburbia.  But just in case, I am primed.  Grrrr. This moment that comes in one lungful of air sets off the sixth […]

Rotate Your Picture To Connect And Grow Presence In Your Life

Hello Dear Friends. Seems I’m heading toward a different blog-site level of productivity.  Wasn’t deliberately turning that way, but turn I have.  I’m just saying this so you know that I acknowledge the change in flow and am thunking, thinking on it. I will post a minimum of one to two times a week.  In […]

Flaws You Love. Presence.

More on Life-ers.  (Those darn perdy dandelions.) I had an interesting comment a couple of days ago on the concept of Life-ers. If you have a weed in your garden, you pull it.  If there’s something wrong in your life, you don’t fall in love with it.  You get to weeding. I can see the point of […]

When You Fail, It Is Just Part of Your Journey so Keep On – Presence

No one can tell me what’s wrong with me! When medications don’t do what we hoped we wonder what that means.  We think about the possibility that our diagnosis is wrong, that we are outside the known world of science or a new variation of diseased who will suffer without a label.  Is suffering without […]

Presence – What is Turning In You?

It’s summer break already and that means more Mom-time for the kids,… and a few other things.  But if there’s more Mom-time for the kids, we all know what there is more of for Mom.  These things come together and equal more spending-money-time combined with less work-time.  This can’t be without consequence. I’m thinking stress, […]

Presence Encourages Self-Care

I am writing a series of blog-posts outlining self-care in which we examine the tenets of self-care: Introduction to self-care self-knowledge  presence (Today’s topic) moral neutrality trust patient-doctor relationship/connection Self-Care Tip – Sit back and listen to the emotion to be present in your own life. There are two terms we’ve used in psychotherapy since […]

The Presence of Stress Doesn’t Make the Disease Process Any Less Important

Self-Care Tip #135 – If it’s medical, call it medical and not stress.  Be a friend to yourself. New to me, Stacy came because of her problems with violence.  She was enormous.  5’11” and 200 pounds, she was just too big for her parents to handle her any more.  She was precious to them, their […]

Start Over

Muscled and gorgeous, he came in, like dessert, main course, and appetizer. Some people just carry themselves that way. It doesn’t work if they dress low, chest hair accentuated by opened buttons and glimmering chains. It doesn’t work if it’s their agenda, checking to see if you noticed, a finger hovering over the acoustic applause […]

Handout – How to Talk to a Psychiatric Patient.

Finished the CME talk I did last week and thought, you might find some use for it. I’ve received bad press many times for not being, in so many words, legit or academic enough. Check out the comments on my ECT book on Amazon.com for examples :). Maybe this one leaning into that bosom of greatness […]


Today was a great day to pick up sea glass.  My intent was to get the walk in, until I saw the glass.  Then my intent became intentions. For all of you who are throwing these bottles into the oceans, I prefer blue. Picking up sea glass is about as distracting to me as the […]

Between You and Me, Interpersonally, Do this

First, allow transparency. Second, practice the Three C’s – I didn’t Cause this, I can’t Control this/him/her, I’m not responsible to Change it/him/her. Third, use the Three C’s to practice presence with yourself and within the connection you seek – interpersonal or otherwise. Fourth, move into pursuit of “Quality of Life” – what increases your […]

Treating Depression with Electroconvulsive Therapy

Maureen McFadden, a two time Emmy Award winning journalist, at WNDU.  In November 2007, she documented a winning medical series called Rewiring the Brain.    See part of the Emmy award winning story on a local man’s path to a better life in the series “Rewiring the Brain.” I am sharing my response to Ms. McFadden with […]

A Note of Thanks For Collaborating

June 30, 2013 You Friend to Yourself Colleagues Practitioners Referral Sources Hello, I just wanted to send a note of “Thanks!!!!” Thank you so much for including us in the care of your patients.  I hope we continue in your and their trust. Practicing variety psychiatry brings me toward my quality of life experience and […]

Just Left of Center, We Celebrate You

Dear One, (You know who you are) Congratulations on this life-milestone.  Congratulations on what you have come through and what toward.  Congratulations on being connected.  Although you walk, you do not walk away from your life journey. There are other crossings when we all step away from our life and look on at a safer […]

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Choose Differently. You Are Not A Victim. DECEMBER 27, 2010   When I Can’t Take Care Of “Me” DECEMBER 11, 2010   The Patient-Doctor Relationship And Self-Care MARCH 30, 2011   Participate – Work as Part of A Team With Your Medical Providers APRIL 12, 2011    How to Trust Whom You Serve and Whom is Serving You APRIL 26, […]