Start Over

Muscled and gorgeous, he came in, like dessert, main course, and appetizer. Some people just carry themselves that way. It doesn’t work if they dress low, chest hair accentuated by opened buttons and glimmering chains. It doesn’t work if it’s their agenda, checking to see if you noticed, a finger hovering over the acoustic applause […]

Join us at, Seams of Gold!

The University Surgery Center, Department of ECT, and myself will be joining our community at Seams of Gold, where we will share life changing stories of ​resilience, restoration and hope. Thursday, May 1, 2014   ​6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:00 pm “Event is Free” PLEASE COME!  🙂   A Father’s Lament   On May 29, 2010, […]

Turn Toward Something Better

Had a great time at, “Seams of Gold.”  Great example of how community is friendly to “Me.”  Met a wonderful man. Me:  Hi!  I’m Dr. Quijada!  I’m a psychiatrist. Him:  I’m Frank.  I’m a recovering Alcoholic. Got to love love that kind of company.  Thank you to all who participated and volunteered. Found after our […]

Know You Are Blessed

  Think of the worst of us.  Think of the worst about us.  Think of those with self-loathing.  Those with low self-awareness, the violent, and the violated, think of them.  Where is the blessing? Blessed are the depressed and anxious. Think of the healthy.  Think of the diseased.  The misunderstood, the ones who live miles […]

Violence and Originality for friendship

Guest Post! …keep reading… Learning new ideas and concepts releases Dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter/messenger.  I find this theory consistent with my personal experience as I am studying for the boards.  The new concepts, when I grasp them and link them to things I already know, do seem to bring a tiny packet of fell […]

More on Life-ers. (Those darn perdy dandelions.)

I had an interesting comment a couple of days ago on the concept of Life-ers. If you have a weed in your garden, you pull it.  If there’s something wrong in your life, you don’t fall in love with it.  You get to weeding. However, there are Life-ers that are both weeds to pull and […]

Why Not Skip Medication and Go Naturallllllll?!

The train was tarnished from soot.  The engineer, Jack, grimaced over the craft, while he hauled wood into the fiery oven hidden in her belly.  She was a steam engine and her whistle sounded through the air like a shiver breaking ice. Indians watched from a bouldered distant peak.  They saw the smoke and marked […]

Don’t Let Your Sense of Need Get Away From You

Self-Care Tip:  Find your need, grip it tight enough to not let it be taken from you and loose enough that fatigue will not lose it for you. If we don’t know our need, if we don’t know our wanting, the reason we say “Evangelize,” “Buy this!,” “Don’t miss it!,” if we don’t know why […]

Why, Is Just Not So Friendly To “Me” – Sabotaging Self-Care

I like it, she says, as if that makes all the sense that she needs. Does reason justify the action?  When action isn’t friendly to Me, do we really want to know the why? Sometimes in clinic, I feel like a beast.  The other day, I did in fact.  Beautiful Harmony came in and she […]

Fears of Addiction To Medications for Brain Illness

I don’t want to get addicted! We agree.  Who does set out to get addicted?  Is that really a starting motive for anyone?  “Ok.  I’m going to take this pill crossing my fingers that I get addicted.”  Even those of us who have suffered from addictions of illicit substances such as cocaine didn’t get into […]

Work can be fun! – Guest Post by DeeAnna Merz Nagel

Work can be fun!  Guest Post by DeeAnna Merz Nagel I mostly work from home and that can be challenging. How do I adjust my days so that I stay in flow and practice self-care?  The balance is not always easy but the balance is important. I started the Online Therapy Institute a few years […]

Flaws You Love. Presence.

More on Life-ers.  (Those darn perdy dandelions.) I had an interesting comment a couple of days ago on the concept of Life-ers. If you have a weed in your garden, you pull it.  If there’s something wrong in your life, you don’t fall in love with it.  You get to weeding. I can see the point of […]

One Woman’s Struggle To Shed Weight, And Shame

Joana Johnson, from, found the following story on the NPR iPhone App: One Woman’s Struggle To Shed Weight, And Shame by Tovia Smith Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America. In her 37 years, Kara Curtis has seen every dress size from 26 to 6. Looking through old photos, in her […]

Say Yes to Medication And No To Drugs

Please don’t call them drugs. Today I spent eight hours in the company of many neuroscientists.  Smart folk.  People I look up to, want to emulate and learn from.  It was an honor.  We covered different stimulating topics about serving our patients, diagnosing better and the development of our field of practice.  We connected collegially, ate too […]

Deliberately Setting Myself Up To Improve

Self-care is about improving life, not harm.  Even though it includes doing things we don’t enjoy and sometimes hurt, it doesn’t harm us. That’s a useful meter-stick when we wonder about something in our life.  Is this harming us?  Including people.  Do I feel better about myself when I’m with them?  Do they help me […]