How do I become a friend to Me? Start with seeing.

“I like the way he sees me.  I have a lot of trouble seeing myself.” Madge really had it going, as far as I was concerned.  In this one statement, she is insightful. Juxtaposing being able to see into oneself with the self-declaration of not being able to see, is ironic.  It is lovely, like […]

Everything starts and ends with Me ….Still talking about it

You make your own definitions of Me, self, and friendship. This is mine I share because it is friendly to Me. It is not meant to be a template. I am the bride of Christ. When I speak of Me, I speak as one claimed by Love and in Love. When I speak of Me, […]

Personalizing Gossip; It Starts And Ends With Me

“Crying,” by Galway Kinnell Crying Crying only a little bit is no use. You must cry until your pillow is soaked! Then you can get up and laugh. Then you can jump in the shower and splash-splash-splash! Then you can throw open your window and, “Ha ha! ha ha!” And if people say, “Hey what’s […]

Are You Empowered to Start Everything and End Everything With Me?

Yesterdays blog-post brought a few neighborly questions for us to follow-up with. One is regarding emotions from bluebee.  Is jealousy medical?  Followed by, What part of emotion is under our control?  Indeed. Second, Sarah quietly slipped the question under our door of how to respond to emotions and behaviors that come from brain illness.  How?  Indeed. Third, Carl banged […]

Finalé – Me Again. Everything Starts and Ends With Me – Even Emotions and Behaviors.

We are doing a narrative series on understanding where emotions and behaviors come from: Emotions Are Contagious – Emotions shared Our own Emotional Junk – Emotions hidden Positive Emotions and Behaviors are Contagious Too  Our Conscious Self is Our Board and Paddle at Sea – Small conscious self and BIG unconscious self Biopsychosocial Model – Biological, Psychological, Social selves Me!  […]

No Matter Why, Where, or What Happens, Self-Care Starts and Ends With Me

Self-Care Tip #158 – No matter why, where or what happens, self-care still starts and ends with Me. It’s no secret that I look at behavior through many paradigms.  Most of what I’ve shared on this blog is medical because I’m a physician.  That’s my specialty.  I’m not a physicist and don’t spend my posts […]

One More Honest Way To Say, It Starts and Ends With Me

Self-Care Tip #150 – Be honest about why you don’t like them.  Be a friend to yourself. Today I spent with my in-laws and my own parents:  a blend of the Philippines, farm-white middle America, and Lebanese superstar.  It was tense at first but was, despite my husband’s and my paranoia (based on preformed something-or-other) […]

Blessings surround me

Hello Friends, Thursday, Redlands Community Hospital was able to make an exception and allow us to spend three ultimate hours with Dad In the ICU. He was smiling and attentive. Interested and listening. He had a happy day. We told him our thoughts. Read to him your many notes of love. He especially perked up […]

Emotions come from the brain.

Margarit was a lovely twenty-something, with blue-black bouncing hair above a slim pixy framed physique. She smiled easily and chattered like she was on telephone call that was about to lose reception. Her hands moved, conducting her thoughts between us. She was dressed like one of the cool girls on campus, out of my echelon, […]

Get You Some of That – Medical Treatment for Medical Illness

…Continued from yesterday. Cole Swindell – Get Me Some Of That Why do I feel so horrible when I start a treatment that is supposed to help? Medication treatments for depression and anxiety, and some other brain illnesses, often worsen how you feel before you feel better. I can’t tell you how many patients have told […]

STOP! DON’T STOP! The quandary inside of us when deciding to take medication

Everyone says “Hi” to my dog, Timothy… Way more than to me. Silence. Is it the springy fluffy hair, I wonder? They walk up, even speed, out of an unseen shadow without inhibition and rub him down. He is pleased every time, to say the least. Do I regret all the painful laser hair removal treatments […]

Bilbo and Me, trying to get to the Smoky Mountain

Imagine, a young father playing basketball with his buddies on a Sunday in the gym, joking around, slapping each others butts, (because, help us, that’s what they do!) Sweat is rolling down his face. Call him Jake. He’s heavier after three kids, but he’s trying to lose the baby weight. His wife has to wear […]

Start Over

Muscled and gorgeous, he came in, like dessert, main course, and appetizer. Some people just carry themselves that way. It doesn’t work if they dress low, chest hair accentuated by opened buttons and glimmering chains. It doesn’t work if it’s their agenda, checking to see if you noticed, a finger hovering over the acoustic applause […]

Making our way through the questions of ECT – Memory Loss

How do you address the issue of cognitive and memory impairments? What are your top 3 reasons for being an advocate for ECT? What are the differences between ‘old’ ECT and ‘modern’ ECT? 1. Cognitive and memory impairments: There is no brain damage done with ECT. One way to understand the memory loss is with […]

Questions From Someone Important – On ECT

Hi. I was hoping I could ask you a couple questions about ECT for a research paper I am writing. How do you address the issue of cognitive and memory impairments? What are your top 3 reasons for being an advocate for ECT? What are the differences between ‘old’ ECT and ‘modern’ ECT? My thesis […]