I Can’t Make Friends – Anxiety

Mr. Clark stopped talking and walked to the ringing rotary phone on the wall. We were experts, as 7th graders, in anticipating what phone calls would be about. I’m surprised we never got around to making bets. I missed my chance to be a bookie. When the phone rang, it could mean someone was in trouble […]

What to do!? On-Line Physician Bullying.

I’ve been to this great APA meeting, great that is, because of the people!  Wow!  The fellow attendees, the exhibitors, the speakers – just, WOW. I’m going to try to share content with you but it will take me time. For today, “Are You a Sitting Duck Online?,” reminded me of our earlier discussions on […]

Honking my horn

….check it out ( yay! smiling!) Sleep Well: A “Friend to Yourself” Resource by Sana Johnson-Quijada MD (Author) In a culture that demands our time, our attention, and our energy 24-7, sleep has gotten a bad reputation. A full night of rest can feel like a weakness, an indulgence, something selfish. But sleep, says Dr. Sana Johnson-Quijada, […]

Roughly What We Covered With The University Students

What is psychiatry? Components intersecting at cross-point where stands Psychiatry: The practice of medicine The practice of business The practice of one’s personal life The doctor-patient relationship The pursuit of Quality of Life Who should go into psychiatry? Consider temperament There are areas of medicine that are more procedural based versus more weighted toward patient-doctor […]

Canine Support Team and me – Personal Story of Dr. Yanoschik

Canine Support Team and me – my story by James D. Yanoschik, DDS What is the best thing being involved with the puppies does for me? 1.  Love. Puppies are examples of unconditional love.  No matter what kind of day I am having, when I walk through the door, that tail is wagging and they are […]

Premises of being a “Friend to Yourself”

This is the skeleton of what we reviewed over three days of 1-2 hour workshop sessions (which ended last week.)  We named these the unchanging premises of being a friend to yourself.  Everything starts and ends with Me. Freedom to choose is here.  I can see Me using various paradigms such as the Jungian Typology […]

Anticipate Rejections – Normal And Part of Our Human Condition

Self-Care Tip:  Anticipate rejections and some in-between times, you will be chosen. I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work. -Thomas A. Edison In today’s economic climate, we are given more opportunities to seek employment elsewhere.  Of course, “opportunity” is loosely used here and it might sound like I was playing Mad-Libs, […]

Adequate – Step Away From The Ledge

Repost. How does one fight feelings of inadequacy? With Truth I barricade against my lies that I am not enough.  Of course I am adequate; and I fight to know that in more dimensions than just cognitively.  After all, facts change if you don’t believe them. Take parenting for example.  Wow!  Sometimes I think that […]

Seek To Know Your Uniqueness

He who seeks truth shall find beauty. He who seeks beauty shall find vanity. He who seeks order shall find gratification. He who seeks gratification shall be disappointed. He who considers himself the servant of his fellow beings shall find the joy of self-expression. He who seeks self-expression shall fall into the pit of arrogance. […]

Strategize Your Energy Deposits and Your Work To Heal Emotionally

Work works if it’s in something we find pleasure in.  That’s where we will find empowerment and self-esteem.  We don’t resent the labor as much.  We feel less controlled, boxed in and manipulated by others.  We have more gratitude and optimism. The realm of biology enthroned on helices of DNA are socialized and demystified some […]

The Struggle in A Doctor-Patient Relationship To Not Get Personal

In a patient doctor relationship, one of the realities is that our roles limit us from personal relationships.  Do things get personal?  I suppose inevitably as long as we are both human they will.  But we do our best to stay professional and use the standard of practice and the guidelines presented by our profession’s […]

What Must I Do To Be Happy?

Today, I can’t get my thoughts away from the frolic in temperament-land. Teacher, what must I do to be happy?  Who hasn’t asked this?  I remember Nicodemus who asked Jesus, Teacher, what must I do to be saved?  I bet he was wondering, too, about happiness. I’m not equating happiness with salvation or morality.  I […]

Supercharge Your Life Purpose

Going back to basics is one of the best tours of life. It is exactly how to supercharge our life purpose. Truth is, we’ve been in this polite exchange between serving others and serving ourselves for the past year. It’s been nice but we are smarter now. We all agree that “living to serve Me” […]

Do You Believe In God?

Yesterday, sitting with all the intellectuals, the thinkers and the brains, my “Big Fat F” felt like I was dressed wrong more than once.  However, thanks to you guys and what we’ve done together, I was able to recognize it and make it through without sautéing the shame of being who I am wired to […]

Use What You Know – It Will Help You Know Yourself Better And Be a Guide For Your Future Efforts

Some of the best encouragement I got was from my sister-in-law who writes, CretingBrains.com. She said, Sana, you know a lot! When you start writing, you’ll see. It will come to you. You won’t believe how much you have to say. Now when I get stuck, when no words come, I remember this, the panic […]

The Biopsychosocial Model for Where Emotions and Behaviors Come From

We are doing a narrative series on understanding where emotions and behaviors come from: Emotions Are Contagious Our own Emotional Junk  Positive Emotions and Behaviors are Contagious Too  Our Conscious Self is Our Board and Paddle at Sea  (today’s post)  What we’ve covered so far in our series is that we know emotions are contagious. […]