A Young Man’s Wrenching Journey

On Jun 18, 2013, Anon wrote: Hello Dr. Sana L. Johnson-Quijada, Thank you for coming to talk to share some of your experiences and views associated psychiatry. I am sorry I have not emailed you sooner.  This was my first year taking three sciences and when it came time to study for finals, I pretty much […]

When You Fail, It Is Just Part of Your Journey so Keep On – Presence

No one can tell me what’s wrong with me! When medications don’t do what we hoped we wonder what that means.  We think about the possibility that our diagnosis is wrong, that we are outside the known world of science or a new variation of diseased who will suffer without a label.  Is suffering without […]

We Try Knowing We Will Fail. The Wonderful Journey Of Flawed People.

It’s 9:23 PM and our little kids are still awake!  They’ve cried.  They’ve laughed.  We’ve cuddled.  We’ve spanked.  They’ve taken two showers and brushed their teeth twice.  We ate several times. I was riding my bike, watching a movie, (I love that!), and my daughters were taking turns coming in to complain, wet me with […]

Bring Your Separate Selves Together – Personal Journey

Self-Care Tip #199 – Bring together what you are naturally inclined to do with what you spend your energies on. When we do what we like to do, what is congruent with our hard-wiring, what is naturally inspiring, fatigue becomes part of our pleasure in my life.  Cliché, Enjoy the burn, …is common for a reason. […]

Know What You Are Fighting For – Your Right To Journey.

Self-Care Tip #162 – Know what you are fighting for.  Be a friend to yourself. Bridget told me, I felt free to do something creative without having to feel guilty about it. She had read the blog post, “Self-Care is Freedom, is Democracy, is Because We Are Accountable.”  I was just starting to think about […]


“Mumford, The screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan, describes Henry Follet, a man who is living in his fantasies.  The superior problem isn’t that he’s living in his fantasies however.  It is that he has never been a character in them.  They only included other people.  At some point he gets more connected to his own journey, […]

The True Self – Guest Post

  The True Self All around me I hear people talking about finding your “True Self.” I hear it in podcasts, coffee shops, in magazines and even books. What the hell was everyone talking about and if there is such thing, how does one find it? What is meant by “True Self?” First, apparently, it […]

ECT – Bloggers and Writers

  How electroconvulsive therapy eased my depression and returned me to my life, Emily Goldstein, Contributor, The Dallas Morning News, February 6, 2017. What we can learn from Carrie Fisher, December 28, 2016, by H. Steven Moffic Funnel Cakes Not Included, by Comedian, Deena Nyer Mendlowitz ‘Beyond the cuckoo’s nest: my experience of Electroconvulsive therapy’, […]

Set Your Self-Care And Moral Jailer Free.

Repost Self-Care Tip – Set your self-care free.  Be a friend to yourself. Self-care just is. The problem about saying self-care starts and ends with Me is that people forget about the journey it travels between here and there.  People become fearful that it means alone-care, apart-from-God-care, selfish-care, and so on. When we take care […]

Deliberately Setting Myself Up To Improve

Self-care is about improving life, not harm.  Even though it includes doing things we don’t enjoy and sometimes hurt, it doesn’t harm us. That’s a useful meter-stick when we wonder about something in our life.  Is this harming us?  Including people.  Do I feel better about myself when I’m with them?  Do they help me […]

Introduction to Self-Care

Questions:  How do we collaborate with our patients, or with our clinicians, to take action on behalf of health?  What can we as clinicians or patients do to teach, learn and practice the tenets of the field of self-care? Self-care is living consistently with the belief that the success of our health (emotional, physical, spiritual) […]

What Is Your Most Core Desire? That Is Self-Care

Self-Care Tip #191 – Do what you desire to get friendly with yourself. What is your most core desire?  I am learning more about mine. I wonder at the improvement in my quality of life since blogging with you.  It is More than the pleasure of writing; which I do love and have missed for […]

Your Heroic Self – Waiting For Normal

Self-Care Tip #82 – Have courage to go for what is lovely to you in life.  Be a friend to yourself. Pretty, blond, about 5’6″, slender, in her 30’s, mother and wife, no funny shapes or movements but Britt still asked me, “Am I normal?”  It takes guts to ask someone that. I just finished this […]

What’s Happening in Your Space?

Almost finished a triathlon today.  If it wasn’t for that chafing because I forgot my biking shorts, I think I would have.  I was wearing surfer shorts.  I will never poke at people who whine about chafing.  They’re right!  It hurts!  Enough for me to cut my run in half twice.  And I walked.   People […]

Medication vs Drugs

I imagine some day I’ll understand why users think drugs are healthier options for them then medications. “Doctor, I don’t think my wife will be comfortable with me adding another medication. It seems like I’m already taking so many!” Context: Brennon is using THC “for sleep” he explains. Not recreation. It’s “medicinal.” Boy. We are […]

Love without connection

Delicious rocky road Baskin and Robins chocolate cake was staining Fred’s teeth bright vampire red from the frosting. It mesmerized me as we bantered. Though, not enough to completely distract from the trigger setting off my sympathetic tone.  “So, you are writing about God and psychiatry?” (Ba-boom!) Fred is an enormous genius, well published and […]