It is okay to be Wrong …and Fears

There was an exhale. A ripple out, like dropping eyelids, a wave on a slow shore, turning a shoulder away and the head following; this was how her disclosure soundly rolled through the room. I failed. I don’t care how cocky you are, everyone fears. In the brain and body, sometimes, the parasympathetic is dominant […]

Medication vs Drugs

I imagine some day I’ll understand why users think drugs are healthier options for them then medications. “Doctor, I don’t think my wife will be comfortable with me adding another medication. It seems like I’m already taking so many!” Context: Brennon is using THC “for sleep” he explains. Not recreation. It’s “medicinal.” Boy. We are […]

Introducing our new co-author at Friend to Yourself

Finally! I’ve been hoping, asking, looking, waving awkwardly in the hospital hallways, trying to find someone who would join me in this great blogging experience with you on self-care. And, finally. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Helme Silvet! You will love getting to know her, and she will love, as I do, sharing space […]

Love without connection

Delicious rocky road Baskin and Robins chocolate cake was staining Fred’s teeth bright vampire red from the frosting. It mesmerized me as we bantered. Though, not enough to completely distract from the trigger setting off my sympathetic tone.  “So, you are writing about God and psychiatry?” (Ba-boom!) Fred is an enormous genius, well published and […]

The True Self – Guest Post

  The True Self All around me I hear people talking about finding your “True Self.” I hear it in podcasts, coffee shops, in magazines and even books. What the hell was everyone talking about and if there is such thing, how does one find it? What is meant by “True Self?” First, apparently, it […]

Stigma from Religion

I’m just leaning on God. Which was her reasoning for stopping her Lexapro. Nora’s family lashed out angrily at her. “Why are you so horrible!” Her husband had left her for another woman from their church, a “friend” of Nora’s who used to come to their house for movie nights. He said, “You’re like poison, […]

Blood, Sweat, and Imperfections – Mommy Don’t Look!

Blood soaked and layered with fallen governments, the Acropolis remains, a witness and teacher to a summer fling.  A tour of the Acropolis and its new museum taught much. #1 – Never go on such travel without a tour guide. She made all the difference. Without her, I might have lasted for an hour, or an […]

Know You Are Blessed

  Think of the worst of us.  Think of the worst about us.  Think of those with self-loathing.  Those with low self-awareness, the violent, and the violated, think of them.  Where is the blessing? Blessed are the depressed and anxious. Think of the healthy.  Think of the diseased.  The misunderstood, the ones who live miles […]

A Young Man’s Wrenching Journey

On Jun 18, 2013, Anon wrote: Hello Dr. Sana L. Johnson-Quijada, Thank you for coming to talk to share some of your experiences and views associated psychiatry. I am sorry I have not emailed you sooner.  This was my first year taking three sciences and when it came time to study for finals, I pretty much […]

Turn Toward Something Better

Had a great time at, “Seams of Gold.”  Great example of how community is friendly to “Me.”  Met a wonderful man. Me:  Hi!  I’m Dr. Quijada!  I’m a psychiatrist. Him:  I’m Frank.  I’m a recovering Alcoholic. Got to love love that kind of company.  Thank you to all who participated and volunteered. Found after our […]

It goes in both directions

Say hypothetically that you or I achieved full health, that fount of youth that our heroes pursued on their lonely journeys, persons of La Manche. Say we, like Tuck Everlasting, or the marvelous “Lucy,” as performed by Scarlett Johansson and written/directed by Luc Besson, became well. Became every bit of our potential.  Say Fortune caught us finally in […]

ECT – Bloggers and Writers

  How electroconvulsive therapy eased my depression and returned me to my life, Emily Goldstein, Contributor, The Dallas Morning News, February 6, 2017. What we can learn from Carrie Fisher, December 28, 2016, by H. Steven Moffic Funnel Cakes Not Included, by Comedian, Deena Nyer Mendlowitz ‘Beyond the cuckoo’s nest: my experience of Electroconvulsive therapy’, […]