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  1. Hey Sana – We haven’t heard from you in ever so long. Just making sure you are okay?! You are conspicuous in your absence! How are you and how were your holidays? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Col


  2. I love your new look! I’ve been out of the blogging world and pretty much offline for the last 6 months since I opened my new Midwest Mind Body Health Center in Saint Louis which combines counseling and mind-body health programs. To learn more, go to mindbodystl.com. I am also developing a mindfulness program for moms which is offered in two 3-part series. I’ve wondered how much you work with moms and if this is something you’re already doing. I don’t remember if you ever got or if I ever sent you my book about how to cope with the emotional changes following childbirth “Life Will Be the Same: The Real Moms Postpartum Survival Guide.” I think we exchanged e-mails before and am looking to reconnect with old online friends. Best Always, Diane Sanford


    • good on you! no i haven’t received your book. why don’t u write a guest post for us summarizing it and/or your new clinic, but w/o too much promoting? just a mention once for those who are interested perhaps?
      thank u so much for touching in and for your kind words. i can’t get enough of those and they are nectar.


  3. Hi Sana,

    My name is Nancy and I have the “Project Joy” blog that you shared a link from (Navi Girl). I was so touched, and blown away how far reaching my blog is becoming. I just started it about two weeks ago. This was a big step for me. I’ve always loved to write, but have lacked the discipline (and courage) to do anything about it. After much probing from friends, and a little Divine inspiration I think, I came up with the idea for this blog. I realize it’s nothing original….I mean who doesn’t blog these days…but it’s finally something I’m doing for myself and I’m so thrilled about the ripple effects. I was just curious how you came across it. We must have some mutual friend somewhere. Are you connected to the Warrior Canine Connection in some way? I have looked through your blog and I just love it! You are a true inspiration! I will be following you, because I always need a reminder on how to be a friend to myself! : )


  4. I read your book on ECT today. Thank you for speaking up and being a voice regarding this treatment. I will undergo my third maintenance ECT on Monday. At this point, I have them monthly. ECT has improved the quality of my life 300%. I truly wish I wouldn’t have put it off for so many years out of fear. Your book would have made a difference in that.


  5. Sana, Dr. Johnson-Quijada, Thank you!! I am 1 week post ECT (8 treatments in 4 weeks). Your blog has/is an important part of my plan. Each statement speaks to me and my brain has the energy/capacity to welcome & retain the information and build. Shine on


    • Yes, I received email confirmation & had already read sggstd posts. Do You Feel Pleasure is a post to be read & re read, also have read the ECT post numerous times as well as the post concerning the dr/patient relationship. How/where can I purchase your book on ECT? I am currently reading Shock by Kitty Dukakis. Finding the need fo be selective about what I read and research online. My experience/outcome with ECT is positive (despite some negative side effects). I am interested in reading people’s positive outcomes/experiences with & knowledge of ECT.


  6. Hello dr , I’m writing to you because I don’t know we’re to start my mother had gotten diagnosed with. Paranoia schizophrenia About 7 years ago she was given medication but refused to take it and know her paranoia has gotten to. Far along stage where all my family is being affected she wakes up a couple of times in the middle of the night. Poking her head out the windows and doors to see if anyone is outside , she wakes up saying she smells all these different odors she is horrified about turning on the lights at night When she is the bathroom taking a shower she won’t turn on the light even when it’s pitch black she gets aggressive when we try to explain to her she’s doing something wrong she thinks their is someone always hearing her and sometimes won’t allow me to took and just tells me to shhhh…. she is having memory loss and has head aches I need to find help for my mother please help me 😔 She is only 45 and already suffering from this condition no one else in my family seems to do anything about it I need your help


    • This is a tragic place to find yourselves. I’d love to hear from our other readers. It’s really their voices that have merritt as they are the ones in the trenches and know this story personally.
      My recommendation is limited as it is clinical and so many steps removed. My thoughts are first to say, we stand with you in your suffering. You are not alone. Call 911 if you are ever scared for her safety or others. Do your best to care for yourself first, and then you will have something inside of you left to fuel the caregiving to her. Use your community. Keep on!


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