Patient-Doctor Relationship

playing doctor

Choose Differently. You Are Not A Victim.
DECEMBER 27, 2010
When I Can’t Take Care Of “Me”
DECEMBER 11, 2010
The Patient-Doctor Relationship And Self-Care
MARCH 30, 2011
Participate – Work as Part of A Team With Your Medical Providers
APRIL 12, 2011 
How to Trust Whom You Serve and Whom is Serving You
APRIL 26, 2012
Choose The Learning and The Teaching You do, and That is Done To You: Patient-Doctor relationship 
MAY 1, 2011
Confidence and Humility Go Together
MAY 2, 2013
Introduction to Self-Care
MAY 13, 2011
Self-Knowledge as a Step Toward Self-Care
MAY 14, 2011
Presence Encourages Self-Care
MAY 15, 2011
Trusting our Clinician, or Not
MAY 17, 2011
Our Patient-Doctor Relationship Improved by Self-Care and Back At You!
MAY 18, 2011
Stop! Don’t Stop! – Affecting Our Practice Of Medicine and Other Agendas
JUNE 8, 2011
Reworking Choices With Your Physician as Part of Your Team
JUNE 28, 2011
Oxymorons – The Flexibility In Us That Ties Us to Both Sides of Hope
JULY 26, 2011
The Struggle in A Doctor-Patient Relationship To Not Get Personal
What Makes A Doctor-Patient Relationship
Victim to Emotions Versus The Friendliness In Accountability
SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 
An Introduction to Self-Care | Journal of Participatory Medicine
MARCH 16, 2012
Confidence and Humility Go Together
MAY 2, 2013

Old and Dying – Why We Are Still Alive  
NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Sequestering Physicians from Muggles
JANUARY 15, 2014

2 thoughts on “Patient-Doctor Relationship

  1. Mother was struck with sudden unexpected illness in August. I chose to be her home care hospice nurse. She lasted 5 weeks.My doctor of almost 3 decades gave me his home and cell numbers. I really appreciate that but called only a coupla times.


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