Our mission is to define, teach and learn self-care, attack guilt, stand up to shame, live as we choose despite stigma and work harder than we ever have on perhaps the hardest job of our lives.

Self-care is not weak but rather courageous. It brings us to humble accountability for our lives, not seeking to erase our history but still reminding us that we are free to start over any time.

11 thoughts on “Mission

  1. I work around mostly younger men in the construction industry. I actually care about these young men. Many of them are living with extremely heavy emotional baggage that, in some cases, dictates their mood and quality-of-life.
    One of the new guys that works for me was explaining how angry and driven his father is. He feels that his father really doesn’t like him that much because he’s not as angry and driven, to the point of obsession.
    I of course can relate to his father, and I can’t imagine this young man’s father being as bad as I was. I also add that I had a dislike of most people. Their behavior wasn’t up too standards. Biblical standards I realize now. Of course I wasn’t even close myself.
    My son has been working with me now for about eight years, and I see the same angry explosive behaviors in him. And I won’t go on anymore, just to say that I am devastated to find out he has become like I was.
    I have made a complete 180 degree turn in my life since then when I was so angry, and the changes are obvious, even hard to believe. However, I will stick with it. Hopefully my son will likewise be affected by these good changes as he was by my anger, and can grow to lead a happy, full life. And someday maybe even forgive me.
    Thank you for all your help. I wouldn’t be on this mission if I hadn’t come to see you.
    Thanks again, Ray


    • Hello Ray! You made it to the blog comments :)! Yay! Thank you for speaking out. It’s true that negative emotions are contageous. But you are also right, positive emotions are as well. You are giving the best give you could ever give to your employees and loved ones – a healthy you. I am inspired. Keep on.


      • I’ve been to the site a few times and read some of the blogs but was unable to comment and I couldn’t figure out why. thank Ken for helping me out he figured out that I hadn’t fully registered and that was keeping me from commenting. I have been looking on the Internet for situations like mine where a person’s behavior and mood attitude and relationships change dramatically due to them seeking help as I did. Would you believe I found some even more surprising is that the same treatment was used In my son’s case he also had a severe brain injury as I did but his stomach problems were much more severe than mine and he routinely lost work due to them. Now you wouldn’t think there would be a case almost identical to his but there’s more than one where the same treatment Was tried with the same amazing result

        There’s others out there just like my son and I. A persons brain controls them mentally and physically and when it’s been damaged or isn’t functioning correctly all kinds of problems can arise which don’t seem like they would have any connection to a head injury.
        My daughter Raychel is getting married on June 5 and I’m looking forward to it Weve gotten to know eachother better in the last five months I Think it’s due to me just taking the time to talk with her and be around so I can talk to her. It helps a ton that I’m not flustered and Uptight that must’ve been awfully hard for her. Have a nice memorable memorial day weekend Ray

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  2. Hi Sana,
    Thanks for your reply. I have used ketamine infusions, noted a significant change, however results were short lived, 2 weeks at most. Psych recommended maintenance infusions and am current with these. Have good results – significant for me, hoping to decrease frequency and sustain.
    Maple & I continue to walk lake paths and state park trails. She just turned 9.
    If you have further information or suggestions concerning best outcomes I would of course welcome any info with
    Gratitude – as always –
    Kelly & Mapey

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