English: Givers at Downtown Alive, Lafayette, ...

English: Givers at Downtown Alive, Lafayette, Louisiana  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spiritually Integrated Treatment of Depression: A Conceptual Framework, by John R. Peteet

God and Being a Friend to Yourself – A Reference of Blog Posts:

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  1. Of the people you know really well. Are any of them so busy working at there job which is all ways 40 or more hours a week of hands on work plus a minimum of 2 hours of driving added daily. That to fill the free time left . They buy houses that in most cases take 6 months to a year to get to the point where they are liveable? Then in the free time they have left they cant stand to be idle so they work out with weights or a punching bag. Hard. Determined to provide for theyre family. Good, food. Very Safe car all theyre needs No Fancy stuff just Safe and comforatable. They have enough time to eat fast and they do even get 7 to 8 hours sleep its important > cant work like this without it you will drop dead or close. You may say nobody is like that. Yes there is. Been like that for years. And yes he was miserable. His family to. 56 years old I say was until he did something to see if he could be changed. I worked like this because if your going to be miserable why not at least accomplish something. I have no desire to be rich . I just didnt want to think about being miserable.. Ive allways been a hard worker but I WE used to have fun together and enjoy life. someone like this even a little get help .


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