English: Stews near Flaws At the end of this p...

English: Stews near Flaws At the end of this particular road. looking eastwards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.  Paper Doll Syndrome – Changing Symptomatology Can Be an Opportunity to Remember and Celebrate  SEPTEMBER 16, 2012


2.  The Gift in Wanting – Water, is Taught by Thirst  DECEMBER 13, 2011


3.  Rotate Your Picture To Connect And Grow Presence In Your Life  AUGUST 5, 2011


4.  When You Fail, It Is Just Part of Your Journey so Keep On – Presence  JULY 21, 2011


5.  Loving Me without ambivalence – Perfectionism v. Passive Surrender  MAY 28, 2011


6.  Self-Care Works You, Pushes You, Tires You Out Until You Are Happily Spent On Your Friend – You  APRIL 25, 2011


7.  Pain Doesn’t Define Life’s Potential  MARCH 2, 2011


8.  Celebrate Your Imperfections  JANUARY 11, 2011


9.  Oh Well. That’s How Things Go.  JANUARY 3, 2011


10.  When You Are Hurting – Suffering Just Is  DECEMBER 31, 2010


11.  Growing Old  OCTOBER 9, 2010



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