Strategize Your Energy Deposits and Your Work To Heal Emotionally

Working from home

Image by ishane via Flickr

Work works if it’s in something we find pleasure in.  That’s where we will find empowerment and self-esteem.  We don’t resent the labor as much.  We feel less controlled, boxed in and manipulated by others.  We have more gratitude and optimism.

The realm of biology enthroned on helices of DNA are socialized and demystified some with the tools of our temperament. Our temperament, sometimes called our personality, has built-in guidance we can use to steer our energies biologically, psychologically and socially.  Directing our energies strategically both maintains our emotional and behavioral health, but also is a healing force on the way our genes express themselves.


This is one area that insight might improve biological function.  Generally, I don’t have much faith in insight if the biology isn’t there to support it or produce results.  However, when it comes to the excellent tools outlined by Jungian Typology, we have true assistance.

Mopping a floor with a metal clock on a stick, combing my hair with my shoe, drinking out of a lidded bottle – you get the message.  We have design.  We have areas of strength and brilliance.  We have power.

Self-Care Tip – Do what you were designed to do.  Be a friend to yourself.

Questions:  Is this a realistic tool in your life?  What’s helping you vs. slowing you down from using it as a tool?  Can you share an example or more?  Please tell us your story.

22 thoughts on “Strategize Your Energy Deposits and Your Work To Heal Emotionally

  1. I am designed to sleep and the last two nights have yielded almost 8 hours each. Put another way that is about a 25% increase over my norm. I could get used to that. The 100% increase in my other medication seems good although I suspect it should take more time to take effect.

    How is that for scientific data?

    Thanks Dr. Q, so far so good.


  2. My work at the moment is to declutter my desk area and study as it is full of stuff from school and as I’ve retired I now have to really face how to get rid of it…nothing really sentimental but binders of info etc,,,the sentimental stuff I’m aware of and need to look at again and pitch it out or donate …just hate doing it…but will enjoy the final result….so what design tool of my own plays into this? Perhaps”all or nothing” approach of a procrastinator….wish me luck ! Starting now….really!


  3. I consider myself an artist but if I were the artist I always hoped I’d be, I would have a paintbrush, pen, colored pencil, pastel, even crayon in my hand 24/7 and I’d probably not have struggled so long or so hard with mental illness. There are lots of reasons that the only time I really get into my artwork is when I’m not at home, and I find myself kicking me for not doing it more at home when I am enjoying it on vacation so much. But that’s not the point. The point is that I have a resource…have always had a resourse, as an artist…but I never put it to good use in my self care.

    It wasn’t until I found this blog (or it found me) that I put my other resource to good use. I love to write and I have been told throughout my illness that journaling was a good idea for me. It wasn’t, because, for me, journaling was just writing my feelings, fears, etc. to me and that just made me more depressed. On this blog, I don’t know anyone but I can write how I feel and I feel heard, even if noone ever responds. It’s been the best healing tool I’ve ever had – and that includes medication and talk therapy. I’m not sure that, when I was really, really ill, it would have been as effective, but it certainly has been my most successful attempt at self care in the last year, and I couldn’t be more grateful!


  4. I work best when I have my own space in which to work. I work well with others but I need my own desk or station, a place with just my stuff organized the way I want it.

    The job I have now is perfect, have not only my own desk but my own office. The office door is always open so people come and go and most have their lunch or breaks in there.

    Not sure why it took me 40 years to figure this out but better late than never I guess.


  5. I think I might have found ‘work’ through a neighbor. She is cleaning houses and gets paid ‘under the table’, just what I need.
    My apartment manager told me that if I get a job (a regular job) I would have to move out because my income will surpass the maximum allowed yearly income of $13,080 per year.
    Is that ridiculous or what?


  6. Desk is reasonably under control but still needs work”’so much paperwork to go through..stuff is contained for burning or shredding, old bills etc will burn at the farm (bonfire)….cleaning out the woodshed…oh my goodness..junk truck coming for the junk tomorrow, put in a new dishwasher and re housed stuff from the pantry with new plastic bins etc…on a roll…need to go through books and donate ones I don’t want and then getting a new bookcase to showcase my favourites…so doing ok, but one job leads to another…why do we accumulate all this stuff…now I’m retired i don’t need or want it so time to deal with it! I\ll keep you posted! Working with a stiff and swollen leg here so it takes awhile!


  7. Hi! Varicose veins are the problem and I’m a huge chicken to do anything about it except try to get my weight down, avoid salt and I also take special antioxidants for cardiovasular…flat feet and pronation…have orthodictics and compression stockings which I did use while teaching Kindergarten…now iI rarely use them as i feel better unless doing shed cleaning etc. Trying to do little walks, got some decent walking shoes etc…trying to drink green tea (gag) and I read in my recliner! I keep going though,a little work never hurt anybody. The shed is ready for repairs! my next purge will be to go back to my study and deal with those papers that need burning andshredding from school and sort out my piles of books. My son will put up a new bookcase for me to display my favourite books. Ha! i’m telling you my life story here…thanks for your interest and concern.


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