How To Feel Understood

Feel Good Together

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To feel understood, do your best to understand others.  To feel connected, work to connect others.  To feel less lonely, help others see that they are not alone.

Take your pick.  What’s your gripe.  To be your own friend, use the stage around you to discover what to do with your needs.  Doing things for others starts with Me, motivated by Me and it ends satisfying and rewarding Me.  That’s the key to service.

Today is my birthday by the way.  I’m off to spend the day with my wonderful kids who don’t understand me, who are often self-absorbed, argumentative and feel misunderstood.  I’m going to spend the day with them for Me though.  I’m going to because I am going to get a lot out of it.

I’m not going to blame them for anything today if I can.

Happy Birthday to me :).

hugs to you all.

37 thoughts on “How To Feel Understood

  1. Happy Happy Birthday. I just turned 50! I was able to see each of my children in 2 different cities a ferry ride apart. It was awesome. I can honestly say that my children at 20, 17 and 12 are my best friends. And they are living their lives as they should! Away from me when need be (the two older ones) and I feel so blessed when they are with me. I love being with my children. They make me laugh and we have fun together.

    I hope you have fun fun fun with yours today!

  2. Happy birthday! Is there any parent who can deny this? “my wonderful kids who don’t understand me, who are often self-absorbed, argumentative and feel misunderstood.” Well, maybe, but not me.

  3. This is great. I believe you will find 50-60 your best decade and I will not reveal how you will evolve and evolve you will. You better lock the door. Norman’s on his way for that sundae.

  4. Happy Birthday, Sana. Have a wonder-filled day with your kids. I felt the same about mine when they were your kids’ ages. Yesterday I spent the day, long lunch included, alone with my 41 year old. Kids are at least as special at 41 as they are at 3, 6, whatever, but in a whole different way. Having kids and spending time with them is a blessing no matter how old they are. Loving and being loved by them, whether you are understood or not, is the best gift whether it’s your birthday or whether you’re just planning a school year and catching lunch together.

    xo to the birthday girl!

    • thanks for letting me know this Marie. i am struggling w knowing how to present the blog-site to b the most effective for the readers needs. any feedback, direction, directives – from any one 🙂 – i’d L-O-V-E it. hugs

  5. Excelente tu nota, y muy cierta.

    los niños quieren toda la tencion pero son lo mejor que hay en nuestras vidas..

  6. Happy day of birth, even though I am late. That is true that if you feel misunderstood, to try and understand others. Sometimes I feel that way, but if I try to understand how others see me, I see why they are misunderstanding me.

    • thank u duck. i’m avail to celebrate any time :).

      re: misunderstandings, that’s one of those glitches in good intentions, ain’t it! u r a sensitive spirit.

      btw, just finished ender’s game again. such fun. couldn’t get u out of my mind the entire book.

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