The Non-Dramatic Ending To Our ECT Series

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Not much traffic over here since drifting into electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) territory.  That’s alright.  Everything in its own time.  We got some feedback from some who didn’t find ECT helpful, some who would never be interested in ECT but not much from anyone who has found ECT helpful – and I know you are out there.  Healthy and quiet about it.  I know because I know from my patients and from the studies and statistics available.  You are there.  And you are not alone.

I was corresponding with my trusted mentor on this subject, Richard Weiner M.D., from Duke University, who has treated patients with ECT for 40+ years.  He referred us here at to the clean presentation by Mayo Clinic.  If you are interested in further introduction into ECT, check it out.  They have a lovely video, outline and inquiry resources.

On a slightly shifted topic, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, B.D.Erline.  This guy’s really rocking the friendship thing to yourself these days.  He’s writing and spending himself on his new, “Act-Like-You-Wanna-Live” series.  It’s brilliant.  Say hello if you’d like.

That’s all for tonight my friends.  I thank you for coming along even when topics interest you less than other days.  Keep on.

14 thoughts on “The Non-Dramatic Ending To Our ECT Series

  1. I don’t think I know anyone who has told me about piles treatment either.

    ECT, as you say, has a bad reputation from the past. There are valid treatments with it that do seem to return results.


  2. i have to say that this has been pretty scary stuff really. just to allow myself to sit and ponder. i woke up with fear this morning. not a big knot of it but a quiet back ground hum. i was grateful to hear it and tried hard to stay with it. of course it lead me to one area in my work. sigh. . . . i did read B.D. Erline. WHOA. now that is someone living in the present moment. i was glad to instantly feel compassion for him and it helped me to feel more compassion for my own mother and her life. What a way to start the day. Pretty powerful stuff.

    fyi – yesterday was spend working and then resting a bit. a walk on the sea wall with the ocean roaring and the waves crashing, the sky brilliant blue. the brilliant autumn trees with deep green coniferous trees as a back drop, all the local mountains covered in snow. it was something else. i worked in the garden with our daughter and then gathered some autumn leaves across the street and was photographing my knitting in the leaves (being artistic) when it struck me. this profound sense of something – what? Love. i was in love with my life, with the world around me with the precise moment i was in. i was in love love love. it was something else. i was quite stunned and then just went with it.

    Why do i tell you this? because, i am striving to live fully present, and i get the fear moments, but i get the stunning love moments. we are so indoctrinated to thinking we will only feel the sad or the angry etc. however, i am here to tell you that we get the joy, the happiness and the LOVE!

    we are so worth allowing love into our lives, and B.D. spoke of sabotaging and not allowing people and good things in. okay, so if being fully present means some fear and sadness or anger okay. because i get love and joy and gratitude, happiness and a sense of completeness and personal satisfaction too.

    being able to share on this blog is one of the tools to help me on this journey as always i am profoundly grateful. Thank you!


    • col, i would b grateful too, w that backdrop to wake up to. wow. the combination of the scene – the sea, the garden, the daughter, the pace, the personal time – nice. all of it though, as we can, many of us testify, would mean little unless we were, as u r, being such a deliberate friend to yourself. keep “striving,” in your Love.


  3. I would like to have been more involved in this, but decided, after four or so days in the hospital, to have my gall bladder out, instead. Surgery went fine but I’m so weak that I can’t eat which is fine for weight loss but of great concern to my doctors…and me. Lots of x-rays, blood tests and doctor appointments in the near future. Really messing up the holidays.

    Can’t sit at my computer so am using a touch pad I can’t figure out. Just wanted you to know. No need to post this.



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  5. Thank you melinda for commenting. no, i agree. we can’t b too sure about anything.
    many of us are indeed afraid to talk about brain illness and it’s treatments of all sorts, including ECT. many of us suffer the side effects. I’m really sorry to hear about your friends suicide. Was this recent? How are you handling it?


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