7 thoughts on “A Must Read – Repost from The Badger

  1. I have given this a brief research. It seems one company sells a device for $700 for the protocol to be self administered. I was “shocked”. I would think a machine like this should not be allowed into the hands of anyone but licensed professional. If non-med alternative is sought surely acupuncture is safer and has a degree of proven results for some patients. My opinion may not be qualified but any form of electro shock seems fairly barbaric to me. Just like chemo and radiation seem primitive treatments for cancer in my opinion. Unfortunately those protocols are the best treatment options we have for treatment in present level of research. (apoptosis seems very promising). I’d rather risk fighting cancer drinking gallons of aloe tea.


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  3. The Badger makes some really good points here. The operative words, of course, are “in my case”, but aren’t they of all treatments for anything – medical, psychological, whatever? I know that I have permanent brain damage from some of the anti-depressants I took over the years. An MAOI messed with my brain enough that, when we walk together, my husband holds my hand (which is wonderful) because I drift to the left if I am walking alone. Not a big deal for me, after I got used to it, and very likely losing some memory after ECT treatments wouldn’t be a big deal for some people, either. I think you make your choices based on what you think is a big enough “deal” to make the treatment either worth it or not worth it. My choice, as I said earlier, was that the risk was too great for me to take a chance on it…at least in the condition I was in when the treatment was suggested.

    What I guess we all have to remember is that if the treatment were so dangerous in general that all who tried it were at risk of serious damage, the treatment wouldn’t be offered. Neither would all of the psychotropics being offered, some of which have horrific side effects for some people. Think of what reactions to penicillin or sulfa drugs do to some people. They stay available because they are of such incredible help to those people who are able to – or chose to – take advantage of them. Am I saying that there is nothing that isn’t worth trying for brain health? Well, yes, I guess I am, aren’t it. 🙂

    Have a great day, “Doc”!


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