The Gift in Wanting – Water, is Taught by Thirst

Water, is taught by thirst. 
Land -- by the Oceans passed. 
Transport -- by throe 
-- Peace -- by its battles told 
-- Love, by Memorial Mold 
-- Birds, by the Snow.
-Emily Dickinson

“Some people think of the glass as half full. ...

I have been quiet here for what seems like a long time and I am happy to be talking out “loud” again.  Thank you for being, friends.

Over the past year-and-a-half of writing and reading with you, of speaking and hearing, teaching and learning – instead of diminishing my interest, exhausting my energies and instead of completing this “task,” I am rather in process of crescendo.  This thing called, being a “friend to yourself,” apparently must continue.  It must because otherwise we would not.

Emily Dickinson knew the value of what was missing; but more so, she knew the value in the wanting of it.

Water, is taught by thirst.

I am ever aware that you and I do too.  It is this wanting that spurs in us our creative genius in this effort.  In any area of interest, in fact, whether it is this, to cultivate the caring of our own person, or to improve our eye of canvas, to swing our sword or to put pen to paper – if we do not sense potential, pleasure still to come, if we do not see beyond where we are to what might be and if we don’t want it, we will miss our selves.  We will lose our pearl to the muck that hides us.

Counter to intuition, presence is in fact enhanced by our wanting.  We clarify our point of reference to each other and to Love when we realize that we are toward something greater than ourselves.  Having that point of reference is nourishing.  It is active and it is connected.  The understanding of what we want still, have yet to obtain, rather than destabilizing or isolating us, it improves our footing and our community.  And like Emily, we give up much just to experience the exquisite process of joining our own journey.

This is what thirst has taught me.  What about you? Please tell me your story.

Self-Care Tip – Before the gift of your thirst, pursue it knowing you are blessed.  Be a friend to yourself.

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20 thoughts on “The Gift in Wanting – Water, is Taught by Thirst

  1. Hi Sana! It’s funny how what we might be doing out here in our little blogs (among millions of blogs) ends up being so important to some.

    You really make me think. As I fluctuate between the exciting movement toward my goals and being side tracked by what other people want from me, you help drive me back to my core purpose… being a friend to myself. I am still not completely back on track after that 2 year private pilot detour, but you helped give me the courage to admit that I never really wanted it, and that doing it just to make my hubby happy was making my insides hurt. I needed the courage to say no. I needed to be a friend to myself.

    See. You have a gentle way of keeping us true to that. I hope that I pass on giggles and grins with my blog, as a click of the mouse opens up a painting of a purple tailed cat (Monday).

    So… I hope you have decided to stay out here with us. *waving at ya**

  2. Learning to be a Friend to Myself this last year and a half or more has probably saved my life. It’s been a horrible fall (and a not much better spring and summer) here with illness, accidents, and now the front of my daughter’s home destroyed by a 150 year old oak tree that fell on it last week. The good thing is that no one has been seriously ill, hurt or has died. The better thing is that my son-in-law, who has been on assignment far away for 20 months, is now home and employed here (at least for a while). The best thing is that I made it through – and continue to – by taking care of Me instead of coming completely unglued, as I would have until I learned to be a friend to myself. The lessons learned through this blog, dear Sana, have been invaluable!!!! You must continue – for you and for us. As with our thirst for finding our spiritual way, so is our thirst for finding our physical and psychological way, and both thirst will continue forever. Thank you for being a part of both journeys…at least for me and, I am sure, for many more of us who visit here each time you post a message.

    • somehow knowing u r “out there” makes me feel stronger. it’s unavoidably clear that “u got my back.” whoop! i’m really blessed nance. thank u.
      great news about coping w these huge stressors. way! keep on.

  3. I enjoyed reading the post Sana, and the referencing to mine on Emily Dikinson.

    There is indeed need for learnin to be a friend to oneself, and, in not so extreme cases, in takes a lifetime to get to that understanding. So any guidance…Hepls tremendously.

    “Water, is tought by thirst…”, what a perfect imagery, how fundamental it is to being. It right these with breathing. An dhow many have experience exteme thirst ? Under what circumstances? at what avail? Such experience can oepn one’s inner eye on the value of being and keeping being every moment afforded.

    Thanks again: DO you find value in Leonard Cohen’s phylosophy? If so please visit some of my posts: I find the message of his work very realistic, while dressed in exquisitely refined methaphores.

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  5. Water is taught by thirst. That means our experience in life is molded and tempered by suffering. I can’t argue that it seems to be true. What kind of Creator schemes a world driven and based on suffering? I understand why there are atheists.

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