How and Why Did I Choose Psychiatry?

Just wonderful.

The Practical C-L Psychiatrist

Dr. Jim Amos, MDI saw a thought-provoking post by Dr. Sana L. Johnson-Quijada, MD about a young man who is considering psychiatry as a career, A Young Man’s Wrenching Journey | A Friend to Yourself. Her questions for readers to consider on how to advise the young man were about how to learn more about psychiatry “before pursuing years of study” as well as how others had investigated psychiatry before deciding on it as a career. She also asked about how others talk about their own family of origin history and find the courage to share it.

I didn’t know how to do that in a comment section, but the questions made me reflect. When I think of all the “hate psychiatry” people out there, I sometimes wonder why I chose psychiatry in medical school. What helped me decide on psychiatry was my fascination with those who had both medical and psychiatric…

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2 thoughts on “How and Why Did I Choose Psychiatry?

  1. I like the UNCF’s slogan that ‘the mind is a terrible thing to waste.’ Your posts are a joy to read. I am happy that you appreciate the Fat Brain. Please continue to share your knowledge with your readers as well. 🙂

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