your Love is not without form

I keep hoping she calls and tells me she regrets this.

I’m amazed every time at how much suffering any one of us experiences.  If we live long enough.  This statement above was from Frank.  He and his wife separated one week before Thanksgiving and now Christmas had passed.  And now New Years was here. She wasn’t though.  The pain came, deep where he thought his roots once lived.  Frank found that some mornings, he would roll over in bed, reach out and in the empty space that found him, he would awaken. He was alone.  A pain that only the absence of something important and enourmous can bring, gaping, vacuous, and with it’s own force of gravity, that pain would grab at him, cold and sticky. Formless.  He was losing shape.

Why won’t she come home?

This is familiar perhaps to you.  In some one thing or another.  You lost.

As this 2014 slips away, we hear a lot of the gratitude we “should” be feeling.  And, well, we should.  But for Frank, and those of us who have a struggle against the loss, if you can in any way, pick what to remember, remember that your love is not without form.  Love is that way.

…Even so, just for the fun of it, to Frank, and the rest of us, let’s shake our fist at the losses like this!

you did not deserve my lashes

my curves the

drop from my hip

these lips or ankles I wear.

remember holding hands under the table?

you did not deserve my efforts

my passion that came like buckets of milk

nor the whisper of my

thoughts my nuggets of gold


the best that I have was

almost yours but you did not deserve

Self-care tip:  Let us discover the form of Love again, in 2015, knowing that although we will inevitably again suffer, we will still have Love. That makes all the difference.  Keep on!

Question:  What have you lost?  How does Love show you Her form?  Please tell us your story.

Hear this a lot?

Well you just have it all set up, don’t you?

Your life is cush! What are you complaining about?

Quoting good Theodore again, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Well life iiiiisssss easy,

…like chaos.  chaos

Self-care tip: Whichever side of these statements you find yourself today, take notice.  Keep on.

Question:  Which side of these thoughts do you find yourself?