Hear this a lot?

Well you just have it all set up, don’t you?

Your life is cush! What are you complaining about?

Quoting good Theodore again, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Well life iiiiisssss easy,

…like chaos.  chaos

Self-care tip: Whichever side of these statements you find yourself today, take notice.  Keep on.

Question:  Which side of these thoughts do you find yourself?

13 thoughts on “Hear this a lot?

  1. It is always easy to complain about ourselves and start comparing to others that’s why I always to find an equilibrium as standard to myself so I always return to it to make me balanced. I try to read the Word of God but not to the level that I feel too much expectations on my behalf but I try to fix my mood with taking care of myself, going around people’s differences, and seek entertainment often.


  2. I tend to believe that for the most part no person’s life is all that perfect or all that horrible. Sure, there are calamities we all have to deal with and there are those highs we experience where we say “Wow, that was awesome!” But we know the truth of our lives. Thus, no matter how someone thinks our life is going, whether they think it’s wonderful or horrendous, it’s us living it.

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  3. Without chaos there would not be life. The universe demands it for life to happen. It is the end result of the fall of man. God did not intend there to be chaos but perfect order. His perfect order, but He also gave us free will. Enter sin, enter chaos. Our lives are not perfect and will never be perfect while we live in this world. Everyone has challenges, striff chaos. The question is, how do we get through it? or should we? How much pain and chaos is enough? Is the end only a matter of fate? or can we interfere with fate? If we interfere with fate, is it fate? As one has said before “Live long and prosper.” Is that self indulgence? There is one truth, where there is life…

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