Today was a great day to pick up sea glass.  My intent was to get the walk in, until I saw the glass.  Then my intent became intentions.

For all of you who are throwing these bottles into the oceans, I prefer blue.

Picking up sea glass is about as distracting to me as the weeds in my garden when I am “just trying to take a walk,” but it wouldn’t be, if I didn’t want the glass or the perty garden.  I am not a victim.

This morning, at Crystal Cove, the big number of other folk sharing space wasn’t expected.  Too funny how many of us were out there trying to walk as much as we could for the right to eat. As much as we can. True. I project.  Reality as defined by my perceptions. I ate a lot today. 

Walking on the beach, sometimes I feel proprietorial.  I think, “This beach is mine.  These shells, these rocks, nobody else gets the wonder of this.”  Then I remember, there are a shucking load of other beaches out there and walkers who call the sand under their feet of personal value.  And isn’t that useful.  

While walking, I came across an unfortunate bird. Fortune is a two way mirror, however. This Life, fishing wire and multiple hooks, ensnared. Fortune-Bird was discovered by other foot-stompers-for-eating. The fishing wire had encircled its right wing and throat. Fortune-Bird could not fly without choking itself I suppose. Bummer. Other more MacGuiver-like observers, on (My) beach, threw a shirt over the bird to allow handling.  However the hooks in the mouth required more extraction tools. We contacted the Rangers who shared what fortune would bring, and the bird was free free free at last. It was almost too much for my little heart. 

Here is Fortune-Bird. Fishing wire and hooks are around the neck space.  Not great lighting for visualizing them but you see Life and value.



Later, thanks to Runmeter, Twitter captured: “Finished Run, Newport Coast, 564 calories, time 2:08:12, 5.07 miles, average 25:16 /mile, ascent 161 feet. ”  It didn’t explain the glass, or the effect of seeing hooks pierced through the face of Fortune-Bird, or the families who were clustered here and there – at least one member or more understanding at some level that they were with us just for the upcoming eating.

That little tweet did give enough though, for remembering, for connecting, for increasing presence – distractions included, and allows my experiencing, with you, gratitude for Life.

Self-Care Tip:  #Gratitude.

Question:  What are you thankful for?

6 thoughts on “#Gratitude

  1. Remarkable how the thoughts flow on the beach. I love a deserted beach alone with my thoughts. At night boats passed by with their small specks of light making me wonder what the travelers moment of time looked like in the cabin. Often the best part of a day fishing is feeling the roll of the sea with the sounds of the waves lapping at the hull knowing that, at least in some direction, there are thousands of miles between others and me. Quite a perspective of self and world. I like to fish near Crystal Cove (I’ve looked at waves from both sides now) and am very mindful of my hooks and lines.

    Gratefull that I can feel “me” more purely at these times.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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