8 thoughts on “Funny or Quirky? – How to talk to a psych patient

  1. An appointment with a visiting nurse reversed poles as the psych patient began to stabilize and enlighten the nurse.
    Her slack jawed shock eyed pen dropped chair pushed back (common) whisper “you mean like in that movie…they still do that??” required the experienced, educated, anxious, visiting psych patient to list a few current basic medical facts about ECT, throw in a laugh – I was zapped. My brain illness has receded – and a smile.

    The nurses’ pen was on the form again.

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  2. I haven’t been around too many health structures but I do remember an incident when my sister had to stay in the hospital for a week just to have a blood clearance to allow her to remove her gallbladder and she eventually started getting frustrated with having nothing to eat. My brother tried to entertain her by creating a friend out of the IV pole by drawing a face on him and checking after him if he needed to go to the bathroom and he named him Wilson just as the friend that the actor created in the Cast Away movie

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  3. My psychiatrist is in full herd them in and herd them out mode. Straight laced and intractable, she is polite, but commonly forgets the particulars of your life though she’s known you in 15 minute increments for years.


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