Christianity and medicine – how do we fit?

There is an awkwardness, like seeing two boyfriends at the dance, when talking about medical treatment along with one’s Christian “treatment” toward health. I’ve heard in public about a Christian depression recovery program, “Daniel and Revelation will help heal your depression because for every negative statement, there is an admonition!” As a strong believer in God who is a better Psychiatrist than I am, I still feel an awkwardness with this approach. Maybe the people in these circles are guarded against the medical community disregarding the power of God. Maybe vice versa. A dear Jewish colleague of mine disclosed his regrets about developing many years ago in a culture of medicine in which he perceived he would be discriminated against if he practiced with faith. It was much stronger in the 60’s. Now it’s almost posh to say otherwise and he feels a bit robbed of experience. 

In church today the man over there said, “Evil causes stress.”  It’s hard for me to take that. My mind envisions a beaker over a flame burning off everything else that intersects in the differential, and nothing but evil is left, like a black stain. 

Question: Christianity and Medicine, how do we go together? Please answer? It helps to be a friend to Me.