Freud Did Not Know

Bad dreams.  Just woke up from one.  There’s a lot out there on dreams in mental health.  After all, they come from the brain.  When Freud was looking at things, he saw dreams as “unconscious wish fulfillments.”  However since Freud rocked our world, we’ve learned so much more about brain biology and Freud was wrong.  Oochie ouchie.  Just saying that makes me feel like his still very much alive reputation will come at me like an angry ghost and be mean!

Dreams are just that, dreams.  Sometimes they are good, but often they are scary, bad, and even terrifying.  Why?  According to Dr. Quijada ;), yours truly, they are commonly symptoms of emotional disease or side effects of medications, etc….  In anxious states, we dream.  After going through life threatening events to  ourselves or witnessing it in another, we get nightmares.  When there is a disconnection is our sleep architecture, we can get “parasomnias” such as night terrors.  Some medication such as Trazodone can cause vivid dreaming where people say they dream “in color.”  And on and on.

Freud didn’t know this, so no offense taken.  However, we do.  Enough with the hocus pocus moral dilemmas that are discussed in our own thoughts and among some ongoing therapies.  First look to biology to give us the answer. Even after having a nasty scream-your-lungs-out dream, remember that your brain is mortal, human, made up of carbon and not aura.

Sometimes even that much information can help people sleep better.

Self Care Tip # 43 – Don’t make too much out of your dreams.  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  Do you agree or disagree?  Did this help you in any way?  Please tell me your story.

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