Love is There. The Friendliest Knowing We Can Have.

Know that Love is there.

Daisy Duck from The Walt Disney Company

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The most friendly thing we can do for ourselves is to have a knowing-sense that Love is there. It sounds rather Disney, and maybe that’s one of the reasons Disney works its formula so well. It’s a formula that is based on Truth.

I like to think of Truth as something that doesn’t change with our changing perceptions, our changing definitions of what is real or have anything to do with our choices. Truth is as solid as anything can be in any dimension, time or space. Love is from that category of unchanging things.

Love is.

I’m not someone who ever relished lectures on defining the different types of love; agape, phileo, eros, Micky-Mouse or Minnie. My simple ears hear buzzing sounds when people start talking like that and all I can think of is how to peel a banana or when can I eat that good bread in the bowl in front of me. I wear my primitive self on my shirt today not to say that we shouldn’t be otherwise, that Greek is trivial and forget the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nooooo way. That sophistication is wonderful too and I lean heavily on it. I just don’t do the research myself. I believe the research I feel is right. There. I’m a scientist and I just said I tend to believe my feelings. It’s out. Leave now if you want to but that is who I am. I still claim to be a scientist and you can’t make me stop.

I see Love the way I do. Bigger than that and that and that. A gestalt at times and at other times, bits. Like finding a piece of broken mirror; I know I don’t see the whole reflection of Love, but it is. Love is there. It doesn’t depend on our behaviors or proofs. It doesn’t depend on anything. Love is.

A patient, Mindy, was telling me about her husband. She said that when he was sick, she was constantly trying to figure out if he loved her. But as he’d been healing she’d been healing too. Now when she looked at him, she found the channel switching more often from, “Does he love me?” to, “There is Love.” I celebrate this with her.

Mindy could have taken this further to say, “Love was there even when he wasn’t healthy and even when I am not. Love is.” Maybe she still will. How about you?

10 thoughts on “Love is There. The Friendliest Knowing We Can Have.

  1. My love for my ex-husband is greater today than the day we got married. I dreamed about us almost every single night, every time I fall a sleep. It is a welcomed old friend. I go to bed early and get up late so I can live my fantasy life which brings me so much joy.

  2. Beautiful. One of the teachers who made the biggest positive impression on me in college was a medical doctor who was teaching a literature course… The literature of biology and medicine. We read all kinds of personal accounts of the doctor-patient relationship through the ages…all that yummy touch-feely stuff I eat for every meal. He was an old, old man whose message was lasting: we cannot be scientists or doctors of any sort if we forget our humanity and the humanity of others. I often wonder about Dr. Zaroff, if he is even still alive. He’s one I keep close to that sounding-board place in the middle of my body—I know he spoke Truth.

    I fully agree with you. Love with a capital L is always present, and Love always triumphs, too.

  3. I like your Disney theme. 🙂 Love is there. Hm. Yes, it is.

    Love is good, as good for a person loving as for one being loved, if not more so for the one loving. Being preoccupied with how much love is being returned, can hurt. It’s better to trust, as you put it, that love is there.

    Best of all, for me, is knowing that God loves me all the time, even when I don’t deserve it. God’s love never fails. I am never unloved. Love is there. Blessings to you, Sana…

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