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Amateur radio station with multiple receivers ...

Thank you Michele Rosenthal at, and to all who listened in on my first radio interview on being a FTY – Friend to Yourself.  What fun.  It was sweet and to the point.

We discussed using the marker of the new year to commit to this and see what 2012 brings differently from before.  This is freeing, as being our own friend is not selfish but rather the most selfless thing we can offer.  How it is done by starting with Me; the starting and ending point of all intentions in our life.  Knowing that we cannot give what we don’t have, that we cannot indulge the pleasures outside of ourselves such as adjustment and coping skills if we don’t have the Me to do it with (preferably a healthy me) and knowing that going where we find shame in our lives can free us up to get friendly with the rest of Me.  This knowledge helps us find the “how.”

To make being a friend to Me an easier process, leave the injustices of our lives alone, leave the sentiment of wanting happiness, of wanting what we should have gotten or been.  To make Me my own friend easier, do what any friend would do – the hard stuff.  The stuff that good-time-Jane won’t stick around for and the stuff that only Love can follow through with – do this.  That’s as easy as it will get and as hard as it will get.

We can do this.

Question:  Looking toward 2012, how would you change the direction of your intention and energy to be more of a friend to yourself?  What do you think you will experience differently if you do?  Please tell us and connect.

Thank you dear Carl d’Agostino for calling in, boosting my confidence and saying without saying it, “You are not alone.”  I’m still smiling.

12 thoughts on “Today on Radio in Summary

  1. I made sure I was ready for the broadcast . Could not pick it up on radio but my friend Rick got it on the computer for me. For what you give us, I owed you at least this shout out. Blessings.

  2. Thank you to the good doctor for helping us realize that in embracing the shameful, the ugly, of ourselves there is a breath of freedom each time we wrap our arms around ourselves.

  3. dang, i had to go to a work related meeting. i had it marked on the calendar! glad carl was there with you!

    : o )

    i am certain it was awesome and we are so glad for you!

    Happy New Year Everyone!


  4. Wow! I loved reading about this: about your courage, and about Carl too. Your blog means a lot to me: here’s hoping you reach more people with your message over the airwaves!

    Well done, Doc!

    • KATE! yay. sharing this w u makes it better, you know. i’m enjoying reading your this-and-that on @Twitter too. the hopes to reach more people – echo, echo, echo – way cool that u share that w us too. keep talking and thank u bunches

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