Radio Interview

For all who are interested,
I will be doing a live radio interview on PTSD this Thursday, December 29th, 7-8pm EST on 95.9 FM/106.9GM/960AM on Seaview Radio. It can be heard locally along the southeast coast of Florida or by referring to the promo page and clicking on the yellow “listen live” button.

Details for the interview include:

The live, on-air interview will last approximately 15 minutes.
Call in via a LANDLINE (or reliable cell phone) and do NOT use the speakerphone.
Call-in number: 877.960.9960.
Call in at 7:35pm EST
We’ll be chatting about how to be a friend to yourself and why this is so important”

7 thoughts on “Radio Interview

  1. This is awesome. I will absolutely be listening and as a sufferer of PTSD I find myself thirsty for knowledge on ways to manage the symtoms and how to heal. Thank you again Sana, you are an angel.

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