Cultivate Fantasy To Improve Reality

I am the proud finisher of the SF Half Marathon.  It was the most beautiful run I’ve been on and  my miles ran one minute faster (twelves) than I had planned (thirteens.)  My husband coached and joined me as my birthday present, (yes, I’m rounding my fourth decade,) and I was listening to another sumptuous novel.  Oh my.  Thank goodness my emotions caught up with the undeniable blessings.  Too often, we dutifully list off our gratitudes detached, like reading a latin prayer-book.  And not often enough do our fantasies connect with our realities.  Delightful! when they do though.

Best T-shirt ever was on the road.


The runner told me that the quote comes from the Rocky Horror Show.  I could barely stop giggling.  Just awesome.

That was a random bit of joy I wanted to share!

Pairing our duties with our pleasures brings bank.  But today’s self-care tip is something a little to the left – cultivate fantasy and see what it brings to our reality.  (This is a brief post but I hope to write more another time too :).)

Question:  Where does fantasy fit in to your friendship with yourself?  Please tell us your story.



32 thoughts on “Cultivate Fantasy To Improve Reality

  1. Awesome accomplishment, Sana! Love the RHS quote too! And listening to a novel on tape sounds like a delightful idea I will try. Realizing more and more with each passing day that my reality is even better than my wildest fantasies. God has been good to me. Feeling loved and with purpose.


  2. You ROCK!! Oh how I miss running. My dog just advised me that since I just turned 44 today, I could start the first day of my 45th year by taking him on our morning hikes again 🙂


  3. As only child separated from extended family early I had to create a fantasy world in which to engage. Actually it was very real as it was(is) a dimension in which I have spent a great deal of time. I would not characterize it as delusional but just my “private” universe. Probably stimulated the imaginative creativity I have now. There is also serenity in that refuge. You just can’t stay in it all the time , however.


    • I did the same thing, Carl. Actually, I’m told that had I not used my imagination and built my own fantasy world (from age 4-ish to age 52-ish), I probably would have ended up in a real world of alcohol and drugs – or suicide. I know, from what you’ve written here, how you have suffered, even with your “private” universe. I’m glad you are here with us in this reality to share your friendtoyourself journey. It’s been good to get to know you (via this blog) and I very much respect you. You are one of those of us I’d love to have a cup of coffee with. Thanks.


  4. Half Marathon! You rock girlfriend. RHPS “step to the left, jump to the right” I love RHPS. I digress.

    When I started a 12 Group a little over 2 decades ago someone said something along these lines “a life clean is more than anything you can imagine”. Because we couldn’t begin to imagine at that time the life God had planned for us. None of us can.
    However . . fantasy is something else again. Fantasy is the daydream of possibility.

    I can learn to dance swing and latin. (I teach belly dance and group fitness I should be able to). Secret desire – to hip hop. Why not?! There must be classes for 51 year old to learn to hip hop. Even a little bit.

    I dwell in possibility. Emily Dickinson (“‘Possibility’ is a concept: it is the idea of the imagination itself, where what has not occurred in external reality may be thought of as occurring. ‘Possibility’ is mental space” (Juhasz, “‘I dwell in Possibility'” 105). 3.”This house is ‘Possibility,’ the imagination. It is about poetry vs. prose) American Literature Research Site.

    Anyways, I frequently take liberties with this quote. I dwell in possibility.

    So that means for me that there is a hip hop class out there for me! I also sit and wait and see what brews, what develops, what comes back to me because of fantasy. Someone else once said to me “God wants for you what you want too!).
    So if God knows I hold hip hop movement close to my heart, being a loving Father why would he not help me succeed?!


    • so pretty, col. all of this. thank u friend. my belly dances every t i move, btw, w/o lessons but i don’t think it looks lk what u r teaching others. bummer. more dreams! ;). send us some clips of what u do. we’d luv luv it, u saucy thing. really. really. keep on.


  5. Congratulations on the run – and happy birthday, whenever it is (or was)!! You “sound” more relaxed and happy than you ever have. Whatever your pairing is, it seems to be working.

    Going to cultivate Fantasy at DisneyWorld in the next three weeks and see if that improves the reality of yet another infection and greater pain. Dealing with the possible reality of a wheelchair and fantasizing about being well enough to walk…just maybe at a slower pace than my granddaughter and son-in-law who are always off and running the minute we drive into the park! It’s got to be okay because who can feel bad in DisneyWorld…the happiest place WE know of!!??!! Let you know later if Mickey Mouse is the great earthly healer but, meanwhile, I’ll keep talking with my heavenly healer constantly. Now that might be a great pairing!


  6. Wow, that’s a remarkable goal you just accomplished. I also think you just got a new website or a revamp. I love it!!!!!!
    Do you know my Friend Gloria @grandmaondeck on Twitter. She walked a 5 K for her 80th birthday with the aid of her walker!
    The encouragement we give each other no matter what platform we use is what keeps me so excited about having friends like you I would have never met before.

    I celebrate you and your amazing family. I loved my 40’s.

    Indeed Madness takes it toll~Is from Rocky Horror~Let’s do the time warp again!

    Wired Hugs from NC


  7. Just talked with my grandma; at 86, she’s been doing the eliptical trainer for 30 min’s, rowing machine for 15 min’s, 30 min’s of floor exercises/weight training and other assorted exercises, twice a week! Unbelievable! I laughed and, with shame, told her the last time I had worked out (I’m not telling you all 🙂 ). All this with a bad heart valve in which her cardiologist wanted to replace-would’ve entailed an open-heart surgery. Now if that’s not motivation for me to work out…


  8. One of my favorite things is daydreaming. I have done it all my life. When I was a kid I was told to get head out of the clouds then later as a young adult to “get real”. I don’t have my head in the clouds–never have–I am real–always have been. I just like to daydream. It keeps my feet on the ground and life real.


  9. Congratulations! Nothing beats the feeling when you cross that finish line; I always get goosepimples.

    I’ll be cultivating fantasy this coming January 2013 when I travel down to Florida (I live in Ontario, Canada) to run the Walt Disney World 1/2 marathon. It’s been my “dream” race since I began running a couple of years ago.


  10. Are you sure that you are not the runner in the picture? Wow, 13.1 miles in the 12s is not easy! I am going to run the 1/2 in October. Just a few weeks ago it was a fantasy. Someone encouraged me and knew I could do this. My mind had said “no you could never do that.” My bank fills a little with each new mile cultivated. I get what you acheived and what it means to you. I may giggle too. Inspiring post, Sana! Are there any running plans in the future?


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