Purposefully Harness The Power of Social Influence

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Hello Friends.

I’m starting the 4-week detox for sugar addicts.

I know I’m more empowered with your company, so join in if interested.  And because it is friendly to you/Me too, spread this around to others.

(#Obesity – Abstract of article: social influence affect #weight loss http://bit.ly/xn1Bjq #selfcare #community #service.)

This is my list of reasons re: my choice today as part of step 1:

Reasons why I am cutting back on sugar

  • inflammation,
  • clarity of thought and subsequent depth of experience,
  • #obesity and related illnesses (comorbidities,)
  • appearance and social stigma,
  • social influence,
  • self-esteem,
  • quality of life and
  • longevity

If you choose to participate, and are interested in what the power of social influence can do for you, please post your own reasons here.

Looking forward to connecting with you. Keep on.

Self-Care Tip – Deliberately and purposefully harness the power of social influence in becoming a friend to yourself.

24 thoughts on “Purposefully Harness The Power of Social Influence

  1. I totally agree: refined-sugar based foods/drinks, bring nothing but problems for us. Once I switched to eating organic fruits – for the sugar cravings – my body and mind have felt so much better:)Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


  2. I have a sweet tooth, so I do not want to give up sugar totally. My diet addiction is to diet soda. I have switched to drinking caffeene free, and limiting to one caffeene diet soda a day. I do not drink enough of the other types of drinks. I definitely need to drink more water, juice, etc. I feel better when I do.


    • heidi, i get happy hearing from u. what helped me w soda was the somewhat recent research demonstrating objective information that it decreases calcium absorption in the bones -> osteoporosis. ugh. it’s actually hard to drink sodas now w the visual of my disintegrating bones. tee hee. i think of my bones falling apart like a tablet of alka-seltzer. let us know how it goes. keep on.


      • Years ago heard a nutrition lecture and the lecturer described drinking soda as “peeing” your bones down the drain. that was enough of a visual for me. only very occasionally do i drink soda and when i do its from the health food store, at least its cane sugar.

        huge rise in very young women having ostio from drinking diet soda’s trying to lose weight etc. that makes me sad!


  3. I would say you have opened Pandora’s box with this one. I am more than interested. I have have been off and on the sugar train my whole life. Like most of us! I currently am striving to be off of it.


    – my skin itches
    – my concerns of diabetes and other weight related issues
    – my own journey through – if i am fat i am ugly and if i am ugly I don’t deserve to be loved (now that is a fat lie!) hmmm. . . fat lie!
    – my brain is clearer and i have way way way more energy without sugar
    – guilt
    – self conscious
    – inflammation (that’s a big one)
    – because I will be more in line with what God has for me!

    I could ad more but this is a good start.

    I like how you have taken what I would consider a “negative” social influence and turned it around. You sneaky thing you!



    • ha, replying to my reply, i make me laugh. i am observing Lent, not as a Catholic but as a Christian. So often I give sugar as my Lent and love Fat Tuesday and pancakes. Really what is not to love about pancakes, i digress.

      i wanted to get a little deeper this Lent and asked God what He would have me give for Lent. Sugar was what I was thinking of. That’s way to pat an answer. But, I use sugar as a bandage for something else. I use sugar to avoid, its a pill, a bandage, a best friend, it assuages guilt, (and creates) a lover – well you get the idea. Its anything but sugar really. I know that we become physically addicted and all the reasons why, trust me I have done the research.

      So I chose to look at the reason why I was self medicating with sugar (one of many) and chose to give for Lent – my negative thoughts about my husband instead of sugar. I wanted to dig deeper and see what God wanted me to do. I have put it out for the world now! I asked God to help me see him as His child and not the antagonistic human I chose to see him as. I wanted to have my thoughts turned away from where I always go, to look towards what God wanted. Interestingly enough, I am becoming closer to him, more affection, more comfortable in my own skin, our home is lighter and happier, we laugh more and love more. And . . . I don’t want sugar like I used to. I do enjoy it when I have it and we all went over board on the chocolate chip cookies my son made yesterday, but, it wasn’t because I was self medicating. It was because they tasted good and we were all enjoying them.

      Now this doesn’t mean I don’t still get a little chippy etc. we all do, but there is a real difference.

      So I need to look at sugar and reaching for it and ask myself, “what’s really going on here”! (that came from something i read recently).


    • Col, how’s it been going for you? We r in our second week now, you and i. i’ve been strengthened knowing u r here. have u noticed a proximation to what you were hoping for?
      for me, i have indeed noticed less inflammation already. i would be disbelieving except that my hygienist whom i just saw yest, said my gums were healthier despite that i’ve been flossing less (toothy grin).
      1. inflammation.
      I have been less driven toward food and feel less out of control as well. I forgot to put that in my original list but I am a food addict and this brings a greater sense of freedom and quality of life.
      2. Quality of life

      Still waiting on the rest :). Keep on.


      • hey sana – i felt quite awed when you emailed me before to say that you felt me standing beside you! it really helped me to read that!
        i have been struggling in a couple of spots. and that’s okay. because that is always opportunity to ask myself “what’s really going on here!”.

        i do feel better and i know that i sleep better. i have reduced sugar so far down before that its hard to notice a difference so quickly. i think its simply the desire to eat more healthily altogether.

        eating fresh clean food. lots of colors. breakfast the other morning was a handful of brown rice and the left over greek salad from the night before. explain to clients why i am breathing garlic at them at 8:30 in the a.m. i am trying to really mix up my meals and try different things. i feel freer. thanks for being there sana, its a good reminder to know that WE ARE NOT ALONE. also, local book store going out of business : ( and i picked up 2 copies of “feeding the hungry heart” the experience of geneen roth (she rocks!). so i thought of you while i was in the book store! blessings.


  4. Every good reason to join the endeavor. But won’t be on this journey with you this time . No dope or booze 10 years Mar 2, but ain’t giving up my 14 cigarettes and chocolate ice cream each day.


  5. Ur sugar is my cigarette. Next week is payday and I’m gonna detail my car inside and out. My positive influence to my self that I shall not smoke while driving…being 4 hours of my day are spent inside my car. My rewards are the same practically as a detox from sugar….with a bonus….my car and my self will look and smell a lot better. Success story to follow.


  6. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar a lot. I’ve been pretty good now. Sugar always makes me feel guilty when I eat it now, so that helps me to eat it less. I heard it’s bad for our eyes, so that helps, too. The main sugar I have now is in my juice, but it has a lot of vitamins, so that should be fine. My juice helps when I craze candy.


    • that would make sense, about the eyes, considering the information we have on inflammation. thanks duck for speaking out.
      i like the “craze candy” slip too, which i’m thinking u intending to type “crave candy?” Freud would b happy – tee hee.


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