The How to: “Have It Out” With Others.

049. Mommies Face Off

049. Mommies Face Off (Photo credit: annagarcia)

1.  Speak in the “Me” tense.  (Read this post for more information.)

2.  If complaints toward others must be said, give stage.  Then “place” them in a bin so everyone knows that they are there, acknowledged, important and not ignored, even though everyone is talking about “Me” from here on.  Even though the complaints about others are not being talked about doesn’t disqualify them or minimize them.  They are just “binned” for now.

3.  Everyone is going toward their power, freedom and nidus of control – Me.    (Read this post for more information.)

4.  Pick one topic.  (Read this post for more information.)

Today I can’t count.  I believe that’s four self-care tips?

Questions:  What happens when you keep things about Me in the context of arguments?  How does this affect your connection with others?  How is this friendly to you?  Please tell us your story.