Fighting For Brain Health Is At The Core Of Being A Friend To Yourself

Nose-picking in progress.

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Demanding what we cannot give is a cruel relationship with ourselves.  It is cruel that we must have insight to pursue health treatment for the brain whose variety of illness destroys our capacity to see into ourselves.

It’s one thing for us to choose not to do what we see is to be done.  We all choose not to take care of ourselves by degrees.  We all make choices against information and sight;

Smoking, exercise, sugar intake, sleep hygiene, working more hours, avoiding interpersonal connections, soda, driving fast, jay-walking, hand-washing, self-medication, self-injury, brushing hair from the top down, splashing our soup, flossing, nose-picking and eating with our mouth open.

Insight is there and we choose not to.

Even so, it is arrogant to presume insight into our own human condition and the more I know, the more I agree with the humility of any great teacher – there is so much out there that we don’t see into.  However this is critically different from the inability to see into and that is the cruel irony of requiring a decision that our brain is unable to be informed about.

There are a number of these.  I’m wondering if you can tell us about your own story of what healing has done for your ability to “see?”  It’s a service to many to know that fighting for brain health is at the core of being a friend to yourself.

Self-Care Tip – Fight for brain health – it is at the core of being a friend to yourself.

21 thoughts on “Fighting For Brain Health Is At The Core Of Being A Friend To Yourself

  1. I interpret the healing stories of Jesus as metaphors. A man was lame and could now walk in the light. The leper was a man healed from his sinful ways. The blind man. Now he could “see” how to live. In each case the healing is just as miraculous as the interpretation as a physiological healing.

  2. I am one of those who choose not do the healthy stuff. I don’t know why, it is a rebellious thing. I want a better life, it seems that I have tried everything, so why bother doing the healthy stuff if it did help before. Self defeating.

  3. Nose picking is so special it’s the only item on the list worthy of a pic. Are you saying it is bad? 🙂

    I feel fortunate to have avoided some items on that list. Perhaps that already puts me ahead of the game so I can concentrate on doing less of the things that are bad and more of the things that are good.

    Brain health never seemed to cross my mind that much. (Pun intended.) You’re right, of course. It’s just as important as the rest of that list. That’s an important reminder.

    • thanks for shouting in our space that i’m sure involves what we call the “abyss.” it is pretty cool how we can live so carefree and unaware of our brain. I think it’s cool at least. some of the best things in life are so good that we don’t notice them :). keep on.

  4. We used to come to California because we were, essentially, running away from life on the other side of the country. It was our vacation – and, even though we are retired, it still is. However, over the last year I have found that coming to California is doing something healthy for my brain – drawing, doing more exercise, being with nature both at the beach and in the desert, reading more. This morning we arrived in California. Today is the beginning of a month of working on my brain health with the intention of teaching myself how to do the same healthy things at home amidst the frequent chaos of life there. This time I am here to take care of myself by being pro-active rather than thinking I’m taking care of myself by running away, and this time I plan to go home with a better plan than I have before to keep myself healthy. I started last winter out here; it can get nothing but better.

  5. Inclusive factors contributing to the thought processes and any attitudes which one carries is also affected from nutrition deficiency, hormonal disfunction, sleep/rest distractions, loud or unpleasant surroundings, abrupt changes, stress & anxieties…the list goes on. In today’s world it is difficult not to be affected by prevailing matters and conditions. The remedy falls upon the mindset of the individual. It is a matter of the heart. Where the conclusive thought processing is taken in; distribured and conceived to become of a positive or a negative influence. With loving & caring for oneself. Taking the affirmative steps to gain our much-needed mental & physical health condition. With a restoration through faith in physical and spiritual healing; one’s living will prosper.

  6. maya angelou said “when i knew better i did better”. i chose to adopt this a wee bit “when i knew different i did different”. i have found especially these last months in this journey called life that i have found some things out about my past.

    Clarity. this clarity has brought about the realization that i have been operating today, based on parents insanities from the past (i knew i was but i have seen some things in a very new light) and my own beliefs about my world around me and myself. my own insanities.

    i have been operating today based on so much of yesterday. and not realizing to what degree. we all think we “know” or hope we know how much and when an “ah ha” moment comes we are blessed with having the scales removed from our eyes and our ears can hear finally.

    the triggers that set us off today and we subconsciously begin a pattern of self destruction and insanity. all those things you wrote of, the things that are created to off set some obscure sensation in our bodies or brains or spirit. to distract ourselves. i have been able to begin to capture some of those moments and find when my body begins to tighten and have pain in spots i back track to what i was “thinking” at the time what conversation was i having that created that pain that tightness. what is my breath like, my muscle groups, the set of my neck. these are just brief check-in’s. or my thought pattern.

    i too can be like “living victoriously” going along and doing so “well” and then wham – something happens – and i haven’t quite caught what it was and then i am sitting on my butt going what happened and i have fallen back into the old ways, “the old ways instead of the different ways”.

    thank you all for insight and honesty. i really value that

    • u r so welcome col. and thank u for commenting. i’m sorry about the rough ?couple days? seeing into your automatic thoughts r a hugely friendly gift to yourself and what was automatic just like that is weakened and less automatic. yes, u live victoriously all the time just by being your own friend. I think Marie from LV would agree but invite her comment as well to speak for 🙂 herself. keep on w courage.

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