I Am Beloved

I’ve been liebstered by the multitalented comic artist, blogger, critique and gamer and all around great quacking Duck.

The Duck of Indeed The Duck of Indeed has been a friend of ours this past year on FriendtoYourself.com and gives this honor, beloved, just when it seems love is just what I was thinking life was about.  How indeed can I or you connect with our own personal journey without love.  How do we find the strength to fight when we lack that for inspiration.  Fighting for self-care is improved upon with the development of our clarity that we are lovable and beloved.  Thank you Duck.  We will press on together.

The rules of the Liebster Blog award are that if you receive the award, not only do you have less than 200 followers, but is designed because someone believes that you should have more.  Isn’t Duck a sweetie?  That, and, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you (yours truly) and nominate five more blogs.  Let the nominees know of course that you nominated them.

(My friends, I have no idea how many blog subscribers you have! but, however many, you should have more!)

  1. The only Cin by Cindy Taylor  
  2. Clarbojahn’s Blog by Clar Bowman-Jahn
  3. The Water Witch’s Daughter On The Journey With SuziCate 
  4.  bridgesburning by Chris King
  5. Learning to be still  by Char48

17 thoughts on “I Am Beloved

  1. Now that I’m “on vacation”, I have taken the time – for the first time – to check out other blog sites….the one’s mentioned here….today….actually. I am SO impressed!! I also feel just a tad small being in the presence of such people as these who write so beautifully. Thanks to all of you for doing what you do. Your contribution to those of us who drop by your sites periodically – or daily – is much appreciated and enjoyed. What talent. All of you should have more than 200 subscribers!!


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