You Might Find That You Are A Genius

Did I do the right choice !?

Questions:  What do you do when you are avoiding something?  When you have a job waiting under your nose, what is it that you find yourself using to procrastinate with?

If you see a pattern in what you use to self-sooth with, to avoid with, to divert with and to ease the pain of doing what you don’t want to do, write it down somewhere else.  It’s already written on your heart.  This, with some introspection and purposeful hard work, might be your genius, your natural place of interest and where you are able to feel pleasure and quality of life.  This is an activity, (now hold on – even resting is an activity, so put your hand down,) that is consistent with your hard-wiring – your genes.  Get it?  Genes.  Genius.  That’s why we need to know ourselves to get friendly with ourselves.  Our self-care isn’t too friendly fighting our biology – our temperament.

I noticed this tonight as I was perusing and writing emails when I have to finish up a talk I’m giving tomorrow for the Rotary.  I noticed this when I turned to write my post on this blog before working on that talk I’m giving tomorrow for Rotary.  It’s 8:15 pm.

This post is not glorifying the act of procrastination, avoidance or shirking responsibility.  (Shame on me.  Don’t remember this.  Don’t let this imprint on your minds.)  This post is simply saying, if you are, take a few to use what you’re doing for your self-care.  In the future, you could then choose more actively to do those things that you discovered come so naturally to you.  You might find that you are a Genius!  Wouldn’t that be fun?

Self-Care Tip # 210 – Use whatever comes your way, including procrastination, to teach you about becoming a better friend to yourself.

17 thoughts on “You Might Find That You Are A Genius

  1. Love Carl’s response. I read, but what I usually do when I procrastinate writing you don’t want to know…ok, I’ll admit it…I play spider solitaire over and over….I often win, so it makes me feel better and if I lose, it’s a challenge to play until I win!

  2. When I procrastinate, I am often dreading something that is not nearly as dreadful as I think so all I have to is start. For me, it is hard to get comfortable during that time I am procrastinating and I spend a lot of time there. Once I start, it seems I am more comfortable with myself for that act and I usually don’t mind whatever it is that I had waited to do and feel achievement as I progress on it. My advice to myself is always START. I wish I would pay attention.

  3. This is a really great post. :] I guess I’m just a genius in all sorts of areas because I procrastinate in many ways. I sing, draw, read, write, paint, take photographs, dance, and play musical instruments. I suppose that makes me an artist, of sorts? Hehee!

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