What Is Your Life-er?

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I’ve been doing my usual struggle with lifestyle, health, weight and image maintenance.  It’s one of my life-ers.

There are some things we will courageously and sometimes cowardly maintain our fight with.  These are our life-ers.  We will have it on our docket every day.  There are times when this will blow us away with frustration, hopelessness and feelings of impotence.  Other times we will see it more calmly for what it is.  It is.  No more or less.

It’s helpful to say these things out loud.  That way when we wake up and see the life-er there, or catch a reprieve with distraction, or work like a mad-dog to get friendly with ourselves despite it all and find that that doesn’t take these life-ers away, we will maintain hope.  We will see these life-ers, although part of us, don’t define us.  We will own them and weave them into our friendship with ourselves – flawed and perfect selves.

What is your life-er?

Self-Care Tip – Knowing what your life-er is, is part of being a friend to yourself.

18 thoughts on “What Is Your Life-er?

  1. What ever the issue I am learning to do the best I can and that brings satisfaction and consolation no matter what the resolution or outcome. The key is to always face it. Unresolved issues are more consternating than the issues themselves.

  2. I suppose you could call my weight a “lifer” as it is no longer an “obsession”. I no longer (it was like fifteen years ago!) measure my food or weigh myself. I eat healthy and go by the way my clothes fit…yes, I’m still aware but it doesn’t rule me…if it did, I’d surely weigh less and wear much smaller clothes as I once did.

    • i hear the silly part of suzi in that last sentence. funny u.
      thank u for sharing this w the mass of others who r silent about their struggles as if there were something shameful about having a life-er. keep on.

    • gah is a strangely wonderful word. thanks lola for this. u r a diva but that’s just who u r. diva is what it is. diva can b a safe healthy person too, even outside lines, whooping it up. b the best. hugs

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