It’s All The Rave – Inflammation!

Wikimedians socializing in the Wikimedia Found...

Wikimedians socializing in the Wikimedia Foundation office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have recently returned from the NEI Psychopharmacology Congress in San Diego, which was, of course, beautifully done, expensive as divorce, time-consuming, tiring and hugely important to my continuing medical education needs. And because we’re friends, (wink,) because I like you, (the other eye is twitching, wink,) and because I can’t entirely suppress the trading-Bedouin-code twisted into my DNA, I will tell you some of the pearls.

Socialization is a way to improve brain health. Areas of the brain that shrink from brain disease, such as schizophrenia, increase in size again with socialization over time. W-O-W!

We heard more often the connection between inflammation and brain disease. Inflammation is huge now and everyone that’s anyone wants in.

  • Cleansing diets
  • Cayenne pepper pills
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D
  • Sleep therapy
  • Exercise
  • Slowing disease progression with psychotropics (psychiatric medications) therapies

– These are, with other anti inflammatory efforts, now deliberately spoken for against brain disease. One might even call them, anti-depressant. WHOOT!
We have often, here at Friend to Yourself, held hands and celebrated all the prickly bits of our selves. We have decidedly chosen to live a life with suffering and be present with all Me.
These choice morsels listed above from the NEI-Psychopharmacology table are tools for us to do this. These tips perhaps decrease our degree of suffering and improve our quality of life. Let us live well, fight well when we must, and yes, suffer well.

Shall we give them a try? Anything catch your eye? Believe it? or not? Please tell us how this resonates with you.

Fight well in friendship.