Cut Here

Walking the crowded streets of Los Angeles today, I was smiling. My heart was open up, grateful for life and the privileges of sharing great company. And then, without armor, vulnerable because that is what happiness does to us, I saw what I think sodom and gamora might have been burned for,


Glamorizing suicide or whatever this was glamorizing, I felt it against my soft underbelly, sheez! Snap click and up went my professional safety measures.
Back at my room, I googled “him” and got little more than his name is Trevor and,

the famous tattoo of “CUT HERE” with the dotted line going across his neck.

I have never been that cool. I have never heard of Trevor or his “cut here” tattoo. You?

13 thoughts on “Cut Here

  1. Dear Friend,

    What have we come to?

    Not accepting our pain
    Sometimes has brutal relief
    To live and die with the flame
    Or maybe the knife

    It matters not what we use
    Its that we cant see
    that the fear in you
    is the fear in me.

    It haunts some to know
    they think they can never really go
    where they can truly be free
    from the fear that they cant see

    His eyes are open
    Yet he cannot see
    that the hope he desires
    is from you and from me

    He must see himself
    not for the thoughts he thinks
    but to see the man he is as
    Ggod sees you and me

    He is all alone
    Without answers to the blame
    of himself for failing at
    life’s silly, empty games.

  2. No, I have never heard of him and almost wish I hadn’t. I have known too many who took their own lives and their is nothing funny or amusing about it. Perhaps he intends some more profound message that is beyond the level of comprehension of this uncool individual (me).
    Of course, we can’t insulate ourselves from all of the ugly and negative stuff that is out there. If it is a commentary on something deep and beyond my uncool level of comprehension, so be it. I am afraid I would rather not know.

    • i agree. there’s this creeping thought, just before conscious awareness, that says “i’m just not ‘profound’ enough to get this.”
      but it is because the obvious tasteless horror implied is just too tacky.

  3. Looks like a poster advertising “Grand Theft Auto,” a video game that should be banned. It horrifies me that children are playing these games.

  4. In a discussion with my college bound 11th graders re the new dress code limiting styles they were upset that they were denied the ability to “express” themselves. Naturally old school conservative old me burst out laughing. I said anyone who thinks clothing or tattoos is expression is an idiot ( I reserve my right to be pejorative). I admonished that writing a poem, painting a picture, writing a letter to the editor, dance, music and community service were legitimate avenues of expression. I don’t think I got through .

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