Your Fabulous Stardom

ImageTaylor Swift is a rock star!”

The girl was in awe.  She had written versions of this all over her paper in various star-quality designs.  Everything was about Taylor Swift.  I was watching her at the park and drifting among my own thoughts, when her father leaned over and said, “Now write, Susan is a rock star.”  Young TS-Fan, alias Susan, looked up with an expression capturing a combo of wisdom with a big flip-off.  My thoughts were not adrift.  She was my interest.  She was a star.

And so was her dad!  What a guy!

Think about what your temperament gave you.  Think about what you like most to do, what your thoughts noodle when you aren’t “thinking.”  Is there someone who emulates the “star?”  Write that person’s name down in a bumper sticker statement.  Now write your own name in another.  You are peers.  Meet your cohort.

Susan’s dad had it going.  Be productive at any age.  Know that you have something to offer.  You have valuable stock.  Put you name out there, where ever that is.

Christian is a brilliant gardener.  Mindy is being her real self all the time.  Craig works words in classic timeless style.  You are a star.

Self-care tip:  Put your name into print.

Question:  What are you a star at?  Please tell us your fabulous story of self.

7 thoughts on “Your Fabulous Stardom

  1. Put your name into print. Unfortunately I did. In the criminal records division of Miami Dade County for getting into trouble and getting arrested a few times. On the other hand I expect to have my first volume of 100 cartoons in paperback out in a few weeks. It has been decades in the making.

  2. Can I be a competent and consistent professional instead of a star? I always have a problem with balance. Parts of me that are stars always overreach and call in other parts of me to undermine and assassinate. Is there value in taking a humbler road?

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