13 thoughts on “What have you been doing?

  1. My ladies love to quilt. It must take center stage and let all other concerns go away for a while I guess.
    I saw a lot of that in Indiana recently and quilts are really beautiful works of art often with much meaning.
    It may be like when I drift around in a hardware store thinking of things to make with all the parts on the shelves.


  2. I love how you not only pose great questions to your readers, but you share some special things about yourself without ever once losing your professionalism.

    I am admiring that you take the time to quilt. So nice!

    Right now I am busy with so many projects like redesigning my main web site to make it more professional, writing more poetry and some articles. Just had two published on What the Flicka and in a print magazine. Thinking about taking up water colors again. Also just playing with my four year old granddaughter. who likes to make up her own rules as we along, so playing games with her is forever an adventure.

    That’s what I’m doing! Also just got into a favorite dress today that was way too tight last year and that made me feel great. 25 pounds leaner and plan to stay that way!


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