Seeing Into Yourself

You don’t see yourself!  All you do is diagnose depression!  You have no idea that life is happening around you.  There are reasons why people do what they do!

Lots of exclamations pinned what Victor said to me like war ribbons.  He was angry but did not know it.

I’m not angry!  I’m not yelling!

So here we were, telling each other what the other person did not see in themselves.  Great place to wedge into.  Mountains of nothing.

As my beloved residency attending used to tell me,

Look who’s telling you that.

By which of course he meant, your own brain can not be the best mirror of your soul.

Question:  What do you use as your mirror?  Where to you go, who do you trust?  How do you find a way to see yourself?  Please tell your story.

self-care tip:  Find a way to see into yourself you can trust.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Into Yourself

  1. My daughter often notice my swings before I do. She notices my pressured, rapid and almost constant speech and laughter. That I stay up late and am up before her. On the opposite end bedtime is earlier and earlier. She wakes me up when she calls me on her break. Etc…. I’m thankful she is able to talk to me about what she observes.

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