My Inner Demons and I are on the Same Side – Living in the Now

“I stop fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now. T-shirt”

― Darynda JonesSecond Grave on the Left


Monday came. I was not ready to tackle the day. I lay in bed a few minutes longer while I started to dread and plan for the day’s appointments, calculating drive times, meals, and accommodate everyone else’s schedules before I had even thought to blink open my eyes.

It dawned on me at some point that I was living out a day that hadn’t even begun yet.

The anxiety of the impending tasks, or the overwhelm that comes with trying to handle everything before it arrives, you know this too? The exhaustion that eventually overtakes us makes us ridiculously absolutely not excited about our lives.

Living in the future instead of now is like sprinting ahead of our own feet, if only we could! The only task we have to do is to actually wake up.

Hello “Friend to Yourself” – enthusiasts! I am a self-care enthusiast, certified yoga instructor, and psychology nerd. My name is Jen Ashley and my life revolves around the practice of yoga, my animal children, traveling, and teaching.

For those of us who run ahead of our feet, …try this: a simple morning stretch before getting out of bed.

Wake up, smash that alarm clock off, and sit up.  Clasp the hands and fingers together, turn the palms up while you stretch the arms overhead.

Stretch over to the left side, then to the right. Release the hands to the bed.

Stretch the legs straight out in front of you, flex your feet forward, then backward with the toes pointing toward you.

Bend the knees, open the knees out, and bring the soles of the feet together in front of you.

Hold onto the feet with your hands and lean forward toward the feet.

Slowly roll the spine up, release and return the legs back to a neutral position.

You’re ready to get out of bed!

Starting the day doesn’t have to be as monumental as our minds like to make it. Simply waking up is the first thing to conquer; staying present and focusing on one task at a time helps us to remember that our lives are full and fulfilling, rather than overwhelming.

Happy day, friends!

With blessings,



Self-care tip: Stretch instead of snooze!
Questions: Do you find it hard to get out of bed? What else do you do before your feet hit the floor?


Jen Ashley is currently pursuing her degree in psychology, as well as her 300 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. Please welcome her to our site, as a co-author when she may. This is just what we were hoping for. Community in self-care! Keep on!

2 thoughts on “My Inner Demons and I are on the Same Side – Living in the Now

  1. I know that I responded to a blog in late September or early October this year. I can’t remember what the subject was but I know I was frustrated and maybe even angry about it. I kept checking back and no one commented at all.
    I used to love this blog. It was literally a life saver for me. Now the entries are so far apart and so infrequently from you, Sana,, that I’ve given up. This one started like it was you but…
    Good writing, Jen. My disappointment is not about you. I just wish it were 2011 again and I felt heard and supported and a part of something daily. I need that now, probably more than I did then but…..


    • Hi! I’m really sorry I didn’t respond in October and I’m not posting as much. I’m encouraged by support from other expert writers to help us in our efforts in self-care and community needs. I’ll get back to that comment as I really meant to and intend to reply to all comments. I very much appreciate yours. Please continue. I miss 2011 too though! smile. Keep on wonderful Nancy.


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