Where to trust

Sometimes, ok quite often, we feel misunderstood by others and unclear of our paths going forward. We are not alone, dear readers, in this.

This is what Taylor swift says,

“How did I go from growin’ up to breaking down?
And I wake up (Wake up) in the middle of the night
It’s like I can feel time movin’

How can a person know everything at eighteen
But nothing at twenty-two?

And will you still want me
When I’m nothing new?”

I’m thankful for her voice in this.

I am nothing new and my personal value has to be on aught else besides novelty. Nor can it safely be placed in my behaviors and emotions.

It is our life duty to discover where to put our trust. In our own capacity? In identity? Or where? We are vulnerable to our biology one could say. But we are able to trust something someone somewhere. And whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, I can’t hand you trust like a baton.

You got this though.

Sending you readers all my affection. Thank you for joining me in this life journey of being a Friend to Yourself.

Keep on!

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