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I spent the day with my lovely uncle and aunt from Iowa.  We had chocolate something or other about six times, which is just to say that we indulged in the opportunity to have joy and share the goodness of each other’s company.

It is almost ten PM and they’re still talking.  Too cute.  They’re like little college kids in a late night chum session.  I’ve never heard so many analogies to different foods.  Turnips, tomatoes, corn, heifers, steers, cows, bulls – I did not know that there were this many types of cows….  We’ve talked of many tear-jerking stories and things that don’t die when we do.

Today in clinic, my kids stayed home from school to spend the day with them and fitted puzzles, read stories, petted dogs ‘n such.  I felt rich.  This kind of wealth of heart around can’t be banked other than that of self-care.

Goodnight friends.  My uncle’s still talking ‘n I have to catch this story about my dad when he was milking cows and playing pranks.  Thanks for sharing this with me tonight.  Keep on!

Do 3 Things to Be Different

Self-Care Tip # 85 – When you have problems, find the difference in you.

The best thing I heard today when I was down and out was, “It’s ok to feel that.”  What a gift!  In one strike, I dumped a load of related concerns because I believed it!  I remembered saying that same thing somewhere… to someone(s) else at other times…. 😉 It is good to remember.  It is good to be reminded if we can’t.  Whatever it takes, just remember or get reminded that it is ok to feel, however we feel.  What matters is what we do with our feelings.  I owe that to my dear Dad.

Everyone has problems.  The difference between you and someone else is what you do with your problems.

How I miss the days of my Dad’s young healthy self.  I will always keep his essence and look for him come the new creation.  I will know him.  He will have a body that speaks his essence materially.  He will look like a warm fuzzy I’ve decided.

It was always ok to feel any way I felt around him.  He mostly didn’t notice, so he had that going for him.  But when he did, he told me these 3 things.

  1. I wasn’t alone in having problematic feelings.
  2. They don’t have to be a problem.
  3. I have a choice of what to do with them.

When a patient comes in with a strangle hold on feelings that have abused them, I think “Alright!”  They are making a choice.  “Let’s see what they’ll do.”

This morning my husband told me “It’s ok to feel that.”  He handed me an invitation to not isolate, to feel but not be in trouble because of it, and to choose what I would do next.

Everyone has problems, after all.

Self-Care Tip #85 – When you have problems, find the difference in you.  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  What has been the difference for you?  Do your feelings cause you problems?  Please tell me your story.