Believe What You Say! It Might Make a Difference.

If you want to get passionate about something, You have to believe it.  Many people speak it, read it, plan on it, but they don’t believe it.  Do you?  Do you believe that you can actually start doing what you want to do, feeling what you want to feel, become who you want to be?

And how bout the opposite?  Too many of us quietly or loudly hold our negative patterns.  A Heathcliff with Catherine scenario in Bronte‘s Wuthering Heights – slowly bringing on our own demise.  Reminds me of the mistletoe, a parasite on it’s host but accepted and beloved nonetheless.

MIT neuroscientist Sebastian Seung gave a wonderful TED conference, “I am my connectome.”  He tells us the good news that we are more than our genes. Our memories are not “stored” in our genes.  They live amongst the neuronal connections.  He empowers us saying that because we can change our neuronal connections, we can change our behaviors and habits – which are based on neuronal memory (indian trails.)  You see, because our habits are really memories ground into the fiber of our minds, and not into the constitution of our matter, we can make different ones.


We may not have pixie dust or elf stones, but we do have power.  We can stop, drop and roll! to that destruction in our lives.  We can be friendly with ourselves at any level of our beings – neuronal to behavioral and emotional.  Mr. Seung, that is great news!

Self Care Tip #70 – If you are going to do it, have courage and believe it!  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  What do you think?  Please tell me your story.

5 thoughts on “Believe What You Say! It Might Make a Difference.

  1. Great post! And yes, I agree. I think the starting point for me was being a friend to myself … a process often interrupted by not being so friendly (you start where you are and shift and shift and shift). I came to a place where I realized that I was confusing familiarity with truth–just because something is familiar does not mean it is something to continue with.
    Thank you, great article

    • Hello Lori! thank u so much for reading and commenting. i loved that about “something … familiar does not mean it is something to continue with!” that can be a serious play on our senses! you r a woman of courage. it takes so much courage to grow but it adds soooo much more joy to life when we do :). Keep on!

  2. this is quite interesting.
    in other words, our memory is shaped by the environment which has a major impact for our memory development. Of course, memory is NOT in genes; it is something we get through experience, that’s why why are mistakable, and we learn and grow through the things that influenced us in a certain way.

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