Walk Away From Your Junk

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Number one on Bella’s List:

There are endless new beginnings.  Had a bad day?  Stop right where you are and call-it out.  Then if you want to, if you are willing, if you are able you can start again.

But who is able?  Anyone who wants.  Even the severely disabled can say at some level that they want to end the hurt.  New beginnings are a privilege.  They are the dandelions we pluck and make a wish on.  It reminds me of when Jesus,

walked right through the crowd and went on his way.

The people were trying to push him over the cliff and they just plane didn’t see him walk among them and away.  We do that sometimes with our “start-over” opportunities.

There’s an interplay of forces that make our new beginning possible or impossible.

  • Humility – a willingness to learn.
  • Biology – a physical ability to stop, drop and roll the fire that’s scorching our emotions
  • Insight
  • Choice – choose it

Bella told me more of her story.  After she said, “The day has been ruined!,” her husband took them all to the table.  He told the kids, “Mom’s right.  The day is ruined.  Now who wants to start over?”  And then they all prayed for a new start.  They walked away from the junk.

Self-Care Tip #93 – Start over any time, every time you want.  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  Do you find this to be true for you?  Is it a real option to start-over when you want?  Please tell me your story.

    2 thoughts on “Walk Away From Your Junk

    1. When I’m feeling like I’m messing up my gig as a mom, I try to give myself a “time out.” I use that language with my daughter (who has had her moments of time out in her life). Sometimes I will just cop to it: “Mommy has messed up and she needs a rewind.” Sometimes I pretend to push a button on myself and make a rewind sound. I often feel guilt when I am not my best as a parent, but then I figure that I have an opportunity to teach about how to handle stress and how to calm ourselves. I have utterly failed several times at harnessing the teachable moment, but goodness knows I keep trying… And trying to transcend myself when my “whine buttons” are pushed. The hardest thing about being a parent is that we’re not supposed to act like kids ourselves! 🙂

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