Remember Love to Feel Bigger Than Your Self

A Mothers Love. The Hand of a Child.

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Self-Care Tip #175 – Remember Love.

Yesterday was my son’s birthday and today we partied over him.

How old are you?

He looks at his fingers and sees how many come up before he answers,

Four.  I’m four!

Right now, he feels really big.  He blows his lid if anyone says otherwise.  And because he’s never been above the bottom twentieth percentile on the growth curve, and because he’s four years old and the youngest of three, and because he’s so small, when he says, “I’m big!” looking serious over, yet under you with his bottle cap eyes, it’s really hard to keep straight.  But more often I do …until he loudly says,

I love you the whole day, Mommy!  The whole day!  You are my friend!

Then it’s over for me.  I can’t stay off of him.  He’s just too beautiful.  His open forwardness humbles me and I remember that it’s Love that makes us great.  It’s Love that brings us to our knees.  It’s Love, more than this stack of years, inches and knowledge that makes my son bigger than me when I forget Love.  He doesn’t.  He’s just too small to.  Four years of Love is big.

Questions:  What has helped you remember Love lately?  What has made you feel bigger than your own self?  Please tell me your story.

34 thoughts on “Remember Love to Feel Bigger Than Your Self

    • My granddaughter and I play the “I love you bigger than…” game. It’s our game. I used to asked her how much I loved her, and her answer was “Much!” Now that she’s older she compares her love for me with the size of things she learns at school. Last week she loved me bigger than “ten times the Empire State building”. When I said I loved her more than that, she asked if I knew what the biggest building in the world was because her love could fill that ten times, too. And I’m almost 3,000 miles away from her but I could feel her arms around me. I’m big. Love for my granddaughter, and hers for me, has made me a different kind of big…the kind that makes my husband say, when I tell him I”m useless, that the best thing I am is my granddaughter’s grandmother. That’s HUGE!!

      I love the story about your son today, Sana. It’s beautiful. Our little ones are what we’re about, aren’t they!!

  1. Oh my goodness…this brings a happy lump to my throat. What a beautiful son, mother, post, day, time, moment. LOVE.

    Your editor noticed only one small thing…and there’s no charge for it. The apostrophe in “see”s” should be a goner… Otherwise, there’s no messin’ with this one.

    That Love is so unconditional…

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  3. With regard to my grown son and daughter(in their late 20’s and notice I said grown, not adult) I think love kicks in when instead of fuming about the latest disaster they have created for themselves, my mind kicks in to manufacture a solution. I suppose love is when you have compassion without anger or frustration for the individual. Well at least this is original and not from that stupid movie re mushy love and running into each other’s arms. I always wanted to see one of them trip and fall face first into some buffalo poop.

  4. my phonecall to america that allways makes me feel loved and cheers me up and brings me alive qucik update on me went to theropy today and i loved it i know i wasnt looking foward to it and i was cursing and swareing when i couldnt find the place but i git there 40 minites late and i loved it he really made me feel like i was cared for even more thought id just let everyone know

  5. I had my 15 year old niece over this weekend and poor thing got sick! She was so embarrassed because it happened on my patio and again on my bed. She kept apologizing and all I could say as I was cleaning it up and washing sheets was “It’s ok…don’t worry about it”
    At about 9PM last night she came out and gave me a BIG hug and said “Thanks for taking care of me Aunt Lee. I love you!”
    That’s LOVE when a teenager says and does that!

    • hello VFS! so fun to have u swing by. i took a gander across your own “meadow” and the view was great! (i know, not the best level of humor but i leave that up to rick. if u hang out w us longer, u’ll get to know him soon enough and be asking for mercy like the rest of us.) thank u so very much for reading and commenting. keep on!

  6. Nice little story. Your son’s as big as he wants to be!
    I’m not sure what has made me feel bigger or remember love. Perhaps going to a new church and seeing people that were friendly even though they didn’t know me. We believe in similar things, and I remembered that there are more people like us all over the world.

  7. This post made me smile ear to ear. Made me think of how sweet and innocent and affectionate my boys were when they were little. But even when boys grow up, they still love Mom.

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