Odd News, Apparently I’m Stylish

Dear Readers,



Edgar Allan Poe Collection Vol. 1

You may have noticed the odd news.  Stylish Zahara nominated me as a stylish blogger.  This is one more example about why technology is a form of self-care, because despite it all, Zahara made me feel great!


It is also another wonderful example of things never being all about “Me.”  Probably this is because you readers and commenters are so dang stylish!  We should all take a look in the mirror and wink.  I just did and it was a thrill.  (Do stylish people do that sort of thing?  See what I mean?)

The down side of this nomination is the to-do list.  I’ve never been good at to-do lists.  But, I do want to qualify at one of my only chances to be called stylishhhhhh stylish.  Every cuckoo’s egg hopes to get away with this!

Present seven things about yourself:

  1. I don’t enjoy hygiene but I do it.  (You might want me to stop now.)
  2. I loved being the only girl in my family growing up.  Mom didn’t count because she was Mom.  I now know what that is like.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe was my favorite author in high school.  I’ve tried to memorize Annabel Lee several times but settled for just saying I did.
  4. We used to have fourteen cousins living with us in our house when I was a kid.
  5. I binge eat.  Not always, but enough to scare me …and my pants.
  6. My dog is not neutered so I can’t take him to doggy-day-care.
  7. Every day writing this blog surprises me in so many ways.  Don’t let my calm and stylish demeanor fool you.

Here comes the fun part of the to-do list.  Me jumping up and down over you is the highest form of fashion.  Ooo!  Ooh!  Whoop!!!!  Here come my moves.  (Loud crashing sounds assault us.)

Name six other bloggers for the award.  Contact them and link back to the person, (in this case Zahara the wonderful,) and hope that everyone listed pushes this forward:

1.  Joana Johnson in Creating Brains.  Nothing like nepotism, (she’s my sister-in-law.)  But I have to tell you, I’ve always thought Joana was stylish.  I remember my brother describing her the first time he saw her.  It was in the ’80’s and she was rocking the hair bows and lace.  She was his first and last love and I’ve never questioned why.  You can sense it in her writing.  She’s got style.

2.  The best grammarian I’ve ever known, Sarah McGhaugh in Bird in Your Hand.  Sarah brings style to grammar like none other.  And she really likes grammer!  Only that kind of contagion could influence my well-learned bad habits.

3.  XCandyXCane writes well about her fight with mental illness in Moose Lips Sink Ships.  She’s eloquent and real.  That’s classy.

4 and 5.  I have a hankering that won’t go away for both ThysLeRoux and The Only Cin.  They were some of the first to compile my supportive blog community.  They have style.

ThysLeRoux is a marvelous cartoonist and humorist.

Here's Thysleroux's latest work sample

Cindy is an artist of life truisms, ah-ha’s and food, wielding all that using only photographs and words – she’s got one of the hugest vocabularies one person ever demonstrated and a great eye for food.  It’s a pleasure on many levels to read her work.

6.  Kevin Blumer is a living example of what self-care can do for someone who hadn’t been caring for himself.  He is open and he’s available to the world around him – style many of us just don’t wear easily.

7.  I know, seven is too many but I had to list our honorary blog-jacker, Mr. Rick C.

Now you guys do your thing!  Push it forward.  There are sooooo many other lovelies out there with serious style that should be on this too short list.  ….You lovelies know who you are!  Take care of yourselves.

Your Own,

Dr. Q

22 thoughts on “Odd News, Apparently I’m Stylish

  1. I kinda got stuck at the thought of 14 kids living with your family whilst growing up! Organised chaos at mealtimes, I’m sure 🙂
    Cindy is one of the most stylish bloggers I have come across.


  2. Wow… this is outstanding…. fine work. Truly well deserved by my favorite Doctor. I honestly do not think we have seen a better representation of style than tonight’s blog… I am going to take it upon myself to do the color analysis on this one. First, I think that a big part of being stylish is just not doing things that are unstylish…. “Cuckoo’s Egg”… it’s both descriptive, vividly impactful, and a nice way to recognize a bird that has done so much for clocks. All of these things are significant, but not nearly as much as the fact that this is as vulgar as she gets… that’s style.

    Another item which could only be used to create style by a one with immense talent…. the lovely and oh so symbolic mini-van. Let’s look at this for a minute. DQ lives in a house that magically stays suspended above a sink hole. Why would she settle for something as non-magical as a mini-van? Because she has real style and it’s her way of making herself available to the people that she relates to so well.

    Even when she is self-critical, style emanates. She refers to her binge eating and of the worry it causes. Her crazy binges consist of two pounds of parsley. I have no real knowledge as to whether that is actually harmful or not but, I’m thinking, based on the binges I’ve had in my life… parsley and the occasional sprout fiesta might not be all that bad. Trust me, the only reason she is not wearing the same clothes that she had in high school is because she gave them away when they were no longer in style (the yearly changing of summer to fall fashion etc.)

    Lastly, the only slight flaw I can find in tonight’s blog… although stylishly done, a few of the instructions were not followed and I can now see why they were as specific as they were. In particular, both of the lists went down hill after #6. Seven was not a good number on either list. Firstly… I challenge anyone to find a more deserving blogger for the “Stylish” moniker; however, that “calm” word was a little out of place. Anyone remember the time the dog’s went next door. Yeah… well let’s just replace “calm” with “compassionate”. Second list…. I am thrilled and appreciative of the mention and the attention from the fine doctor…. but… me, stylish. Maybe when they have the “Make People Appreciate the Real Blogger Award” or the “At Least our Kids Act Better Than Him Award” but stylish? Don’t really see it…. Have we all forgotten the trouncing I endured after attempting to narrate the “Lost Dog Saga”? I do know that one of the things that makes DQ so stylishhhhhhhh is her ability to magically infuse style into those around her. Thank you for the Honorable Mention and sharing your style.


  3. i have to admit your blog is stylish i havnt even looked up other blogs on the same thing witch is weird with me becuase i allways want better thats me allways trying to inprove but on the subject that you wirte you are so good at it the people who comment then birng it to life like a wand when you reply its like the dust that then makes the comments shine now you see its like a system but that system only works like when all the parts are there or a school witch is only complete not with the teachers but with the pupils you know this site fits in with my kinda thing in life you can grow up but there are so many ways you can grow up your hight your hair you mentalitty your looks yourself inside you see in my life i havnt ever had the chance to develop where emotions are or my kidy style of damaging my slef self destruction my mam was damged here to and my dad funny enuff god bless him so here we have a probelm if i dont grow up when i finaly meet my match they wont grow up and have kids witch will happen there was a dampner today but im keeping that back for a while or as i put it my palace went down quite a bit dont wory im not devastated but i had a hit then the kids i have then have the same incomplete system we dont inprove things make things better we dont excell and thats what life is all about excelling to your full portential and the funny thing is my doctor says i wont need this site mutch once i have my theropist well thas not completly true my head works like a system 1s and 0s and if i dint have this site i score 0 0 is no good so he is kinda wrong sory doc you cant allways be right my slef care system is built around 7 things the site itself witch has to come in at one 2 the comments the site would never come to light without them there at 3 the replys to the comments either by the comenties or sanja her slef and now i have 5th the therospist but he is extremly new to my system so well see if he is compatible he should be but you never know 6th my own blog this is my help and my new found sanctuary so there everyone goes but it was all built up around this site or blog and as we have found tonight a had a hit at it but the walls are still standing witch goes to prove you can never totle excell in life or be the best you just get better this never would have happened if it wasnt for this site so i thought i would share this with everyone as i am an example of a person who takes a tip a day to be a friend to yourself and what people may also see is im starting to devlope things that i might never of even thought about in my life its all wierd in a wounderfull way and it can only ne good to excell


    • “the people who comment then bring it to life like a wand. when you reply its like the dust that then makes the comments shine”
      wow! so beautiful kevin. keep shining.
      congrats on the courage to find a therapist. let us know about it.


  4. Wow! You’re even more stylish than previously believed, if that’s possible.
    Have you ever read “The Obsession” by Kim Chernin? It mellowed me out many moons ago when I was suffering from binge eating. Hugs Hugs Hugs


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  6. Oh wow! Thanks Sana! Now I am going to have to find seven blogs to nominate – I have a couple in mind. What an honor, what a pain! LOL, jk but really thank you for the nomination and what you have said. 🙂


  7. Came by way of your stylish nomination – congratulations! I loved reading this and the one about your 4-year-old. I have a short 14 year old and he still tells us weekly how big he is getting. His heart makes up for any physical height so be assured you will have many more years of love coming from your young man!


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