Know When to Stand and When to Lean – Getting is Giving

Guest Blogger:  Asia Sharif-Clark

If I could compare us to part of a tree, it would be a solid trunk.  We stand firm, strong, and tall securing the roots beneath and the leaves above.

There’s only one problem and it’s a big one, most trunks don’t lean.  Leaning symbolizes receiving support from others, standing means giving support from oneself.  We’ve got standing perfected.

Now we must allow ourselves to lean. That’s where the branches comes in.  They move with the wind, sway in the rain; giving to leaves, yet receiving from the trunk.  Giving and receiving.  Standing and leaning.

I’ve learned to lean more and more over the years and am amazed at the immense joy others experience from giving to me.  I am open and happy to receiving.

Self-Care Tip – Wishing you more moments to lean.

Question:  Can you tell us about the leaning motion in your life?

I’m Asia Sharif-Clark, founder of Centered Self Worldwide, the Glow Weekend, and the Glow Circle. In 90 days, I take women from overworked and overwhelmed to empowered and energized. And, that’s just the beginning.   I invite you to Raise Your Joy!

18 thoughts on “Know When to Stand and When to Lean – Getting is Giving

  1. I liked this one today. You are right, I know exactly how to stand, but I am not so good at leaning. It makes me feel weak. I am definitely overwhelmed most of the time. I think I need to learn how to lean just a bit better than I do now. I need to allow others to give once in a while without feeling like I am somehow taking advantage. Lots to think about today. Thank you.

    • Greetings Patyann!
      Thanks so much for your comments. Leaning is a challenge for so many women. And, in my own life, I found myself feeling weak and needy too! So, how do you open yourself up to receive what you deserve? With support. I invite you to enjoy a free 15 min Glow Session (private consulting) at
      I look forward to connecting with you!

      Peace and Blessings,
      Asia Sharif-Clark

  2. It seems finding comfort in leaning is realizing that we are part of something greater than ourselves. Two inappropriate attitudes must be avoided: becoming dependent on what we receive from leaning and developing a sense of entitlement from the “getting” part of leaning instead of the “giving” part.

    • You are absolutely correct Carl. It’s a delicate balance. Bravo for sharing your insight from a male perspective! Women generally are very sensitive to this issue and work hard at not having others give too much. They don’t want to be viewed as taking advantage of others. So, they don’t lean much. My work is encouraging and supporting them to lean to create a deeper and richer happiness in their lives.

    • Thanks so much Clar! Yes! They are one in the same. I think of it in these terms: my right leg gives, my left receives. I need both to be centered. Hugs to you!

      Asia :o)

  3. Reminds me of the Asterix and Obelix stories. The village chief, Vitalstatistix, accused of being fat by his wife, answers: “I’m not fat. I’m like a great tree.”
    “Well,” she shoots back. “You’ve certainly got the sap.”

    Admittedly this may not be strictly relevant, but there you go.

  4. ~*~Gentle Breeze~*~

    As we walk along the floral garden…
    a gentle breeze touches my hand.
    As you whisper your soft loving words…
    a gentle breeze brushes my face.
    As we sit under the shade of the willow tree…
    a gentle breeze refreshingly cools us.
    As the children joyfully laugh and play…
    a gentle breeze whirls; as a game of tag.
    As we lay together; in the evening hours…
    a gentle breeze covers in peaceful harmony.
    As I reflect upon the memories…
    a gentle breeze will always remind me of you….
    Your presence will always be with me;
    You are my gentle breeze….

    ~ katherin marie~

    ….As we reflect upon our love ones and all those whom have touched our moments in life; our roots and limbs stretch forth in a gained assurance in strength and love. The roots, the trunk, the branches, the limbs; the leaves… are each a part; interwoven to give & obtain life to the surrounding elements within its given boundary. We each; as intelligent beings are a specific part; within our living spheres; which are to nourish and support all the living elements. We are to care & tend to the conditions of humanity, the air, the waters, the vegetations, the wildlife. It is our given responsibility. Each individually, and as in combined partnerships. All life is a precious gift. We are to be the communities filled with living, healing, and life nourishing all…to claim our true standing and to acknowledge our allegiance to Our Creator.

  5. “It is better to give than to receive”. In our modern culture we have become accustomed to receive everything we ask for; while our religious upbringing works hard to teach not to be selfish and learn to give instead of always asking for more.
    I had to work hard to learn to give. It wasn’t until I became disabled that I had to learn to receive… to allow others the pleasure of giving.

    • My dear friend,
      After a head injury, leaving me unable to drive, I truly learned the meaning of leaning on my husband. What a humbling experience. And, yes, it allowed him to give in ways that he never had. I deeply appreciate you sharing the “pleasure” that comes from giving. When loved ones give, we allow them to share and grow the best parts of themselves. What a profound gift to give.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Asia Sharif-Clark
      Centered Self Worldwide

    • I love how you shared the “pleasure” our loved ones receive from giving to us. When they give and we welcome it, we allow they to share and grow the best parts of themselves.

      Sending joy and light your way!

      Peace and Blessings,
      Asia Sharif-Clark

    • I love how you shared the “pleasure” our loved ones receive from giving to us. When they give and we welcome it, we allow them to share and grow the best parts of themselves.

      Sending joy and light your way!
      Peace and Blessings,
      Asia Sharif-Clark

  6. That’s very true. It is important to lean on others and let them lean on you. Some people probably don’t want to have to lean on anyone, but we aren’t perfect, so there is no shame in getting help from others. I certainly need help sometimes. Sometimes from people, and I lean on God all the time.

  7. i learn by my mistakes but i have to learn that way i then feel when i do learn that way i have accomplished something if it goes wrong i want to know why and how it can be putt right and one thing i am learning strongly at the moment words really can be lowder than actions

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