Let Things Come Together And Fall Apart To Experience Them More Fully – Presence

Cover of "Boy"

Cover of Boy

He still has some lingering vestigial baby-smell that sets the pheromones into motion.  I turn soft and doughy sniffing his hairline and would claw out any threat; as if there would be one within our stuccoed walls in jungled suburbia.  But just in case, I am primed.  Grrrr.

This moment that comes in one lungful of air sets off the sixth sense, like chimes in the wind, into a little pretty song of contrasting emotions – something warm and nice against fear and aggression.  Lovely.  Complex and simple.  I breath in and taste what is in the air again more slowly.  I let it come together so I can pull it apart.  I am in awe.

What creatures we are.

Big breath everyone.  What contrasts come together for you?  Is the experience of letting yourself watch them coalesce and then dehis add any sense of presence to your moment?

Self-Care Tip – Let things come together and fall apart to experience them more fully – presence.

10 thoughts on “Let Things Come Together And Fall Apart To Experience Them More Fully – Presence

    • i luv the visual of crashing marbles inside our heads that my dad always jokes about when i bring up “remembering” and other taken-for-granted brain activity. he talks about signs of intelligence w such “respect.” maybe our marbles get more active around these topics. who could know.

  1. Yin and yang. The intersection of opposites is the moment. It still amazes me that the Taoist can still see balance when the circle is overwhelmingly black or overwhelmingly white. Western thinking sees the coming together as the truth and the balance and the falling apart as the antithesis of all things. Quite an impossibility to reconcile East and West sense of balance.

  2. Funny:it so often smell which sets off these moments. One of the Chloe perfumes sparks the fear and adrenolin excitement of an important interview I had once. It comes back together in th Now.

  3. My happiest, safest memories of my childhood are all based on the summers we spent at the beach…especially the time with my grandmother there, walking in the early morning or evening and talking (although I don’t remember what we talked about). I tear up now thinking about those times and missing my grandmother who has been gone for close to 40 years. The warm and nice. However, in talk therapy over the last 20 years, we did a lot of Focusing work which involved conscious relaxation and “feeling” my memories within my body, and, when I did those exercises, the memories of that particular beach became the object of terror and panic as I slowly recalled the part of my life that wasn’t walks on the beach with my grandmother. For whatever reason (I think self-protection), I still have difficulty remembering my life growing up except for the time at the beach each year, and I guess when I was forced to remember in therapy, the place that came most into focus was on that beach…and from there I was able to bring back the things that caused the terror during the rest of each year as I grew up and work on them in order to heal. Doesn’t seem to make much sense but, for me, the beach symbolizes the yin and yang (Thank you Carl!) of my life…even now that I think I am pretty much okay emotionally.

  4. The smell of rain is one the most powerful ones to me. Not two are alike; each reminds me of different moments in my life. But there is nothing like a mid-summer thunderstorm to awaken the senses; I like the fragrance that lingers behind, and the steam that rises from hot asphalt.

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