thankful for collisions


together (Photo credit: jungmoon)

I want to meet you on a narrow path.  A trail that only we can fit so we bump into each other often.  We apologize in turns until finally the collisions become familiar to us both and we accept that you and I are not alone.  Less space so we bang along, is just what I am and was hoping for.


Happy Thanks-Giving my friend.  I am thankful for you.

Self-care tip – allow the space to bring you into company and connection.  You are not alone.


12 thoughts on “thankful for collisions

  1. but . . . but . . . but . . . being on the path alone and in polite conversation is so much easier in the long run . . . or is it.
    gee thanks . . just when i was getting comfortably uncomfortable on the path alone, instead of being willing to jostle along with everyone else. pithy as always. thanks sana!

  2. Im not sure of the message you are conveying here but I get the impression – its about friendships, community and the need to be connected with others. Please let me know exactly what you are saying.

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